Monday, 9 February 2015

Tatting Away XII : Jane Eborall Patterns

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Sharing a few pieces I tatted from Jane Eborall's free patterns
(click on respective titles for free pattern )
Designer : Jane Eborall

Jane has been sharing these coasters in quick succession, through the last few weeks. Each one had a singular identity with the choice of colourway, tempting me enormously ;-) Since I had recently landed myself with 5 balls of size 10 thread (the size was not mentioned on ebay, only the Gorgeous pic of 5 colourways), this coaster/mini-doily seemed a very good starting project, just the right size when completed.

And am I glad to have chosen this, coz it truly turned into a learning experience. It starts with an SCMR !!! I always start my tatting without knots, whatever be the first element. But how was I to Start the 2-colour SCMR Without knots !!! Stumped at the very first step ;-/ . I Knew it could be done in a similar manner to how I start all my other tatting elements. But it was too fiddly & I was too lazy to work it out for myself. So turned to Jane & and sure enough she has a clear Tips & Techniques download for “Starting Rings, Chains, SR’s & SCMR’s without tying any knots” . Easy-peasy !!!
This coaster now livens up my dining table, as you can see - almost custom-made for the vase !!!

Threads Used :
Bliss, India.  Variegated thread (no colourway, dye details or size mentioned). Probably a size 10.
South Maid Mercer Cotton, USA . Art. D-54, Color 430, Cream. Size 10.

My Notes :
·         Since I loaded Shuttle 1 with variegated thread, the pattern needs to be started using Shuttle 2.
·         The thread sizes were a bit off in comparison with each other, with the plain colour slightly finer. Also, the South Maid thread seemed thinner at places, if that wasn’t my imagination. The Bliss thread was wonderful to work with. Unraveling needed care, though, due to slightly less taut twist.
·         Variegated thread (Sh1) needed 4 full-bobbin refills while plain thread (Sh2) required only 2 full refills.
·         Learned how to start 2-colour tatting with an SCMR with Jane’s tut here.
·         The pattern is a tad confusing at initial stages, despite clear diagrams – I needed all my spatial perspective at command; I sometimes feel disoriented with all what goes where in case of split rings & SCMRs ! But now I am quite familiar with SCMRs – good practice !

During last year’s TIAS (the sailing boat), I learned how to make Split Rings here. For greater practice & understanding, I simultaneously chose to tat the Fandango Coaster pattern & the Fandango Square Motif. I liked the pattern very much & I did end up with a few initial mistakes, especially with regard to Orientation. The practice helped a lot & in the process I got myself 2 glass/mug coasters ! Done in Anchor Mercer size 20 threads.


Recently, Jane posted a pic of her Shuttle Shaped Motif, here. When looking at it, I was stumped by what looked like a picot emerging from picots !!! Well, I Had to try out the pattern (she has reinstated the pattern here. And here are the 2 motifs – one complete, the other with only the 1st round completed. I intend to use them as is …. Will share soon.


Many thanks to Jane for sharing so selflessly !

Motifs #7 & 8 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. Lovely tatting, Muskann. They are all great patterns. Love that Jane! : )

  2. Your doily is gorgeous!!! :)
    Your squares are very elegant!! :)
    And your shuttle shapes are very nice!! :)

  3. Nice work! Good use of colour. I love Jane's patterns.

  4. Your chicken wing doily is perfect your table. Really love the contrasting colors on the Fandango pattern. That pattern would look completely different with different color arrangements. Can't wait to see what you do with the shuttle motifs.What would we do without Jane!!

  5. Love the white outline, very beautiful coasters, so much to do so little time! :)

  6. Thank you, tatters, for all your appreciation. Truly, what would we do without Jane, Especially her tips and techniques. I Love the way her mind works when designing. ... and what a vast repertoire of patterns she has, using so many varied techniques !

    mbduke : the Big shuttle mystery, lol ! No, don't raise your expectations ;-P

  7. Good job Muskkan! It's very pretty, particulary your "Chicken Wing Coaster".

  8. The coaster looks wonderful, especially in the colors you've chosen. I'm glad you found a use for the size 10 threads. I also quite like the color combination of the fandango motif on the right side (the one with the navy blue center).

    1. I was not short on inspiration ! Remember your own inspired hexagonal motifs in this combo ? And then, Jane of course was posting so many different combos .... :-)
      Loads of size 10 thread left, with different colourways - this is just the proverbial tip ... lol !

      Robin, I had tatted that fandango coaster first, & did like the kind of Reverse colour placement ( instead of the usual dark outline as in the left one ) !

      Thanks :-)