Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tatting Pattern : Heart patterns

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Yeah, yeah, I can see you all groaning … “not another heart?!!!”
Okay, I yield to popular sentiment. So, not another heart, 
…. But THREE Hearts !!! :-D

I took up Dorothea’s Land of Laces Heart Challenge here (click on link for details) & that is how the Trailing Hearts Pattern arose. But even that pattern was Not on my initial sketches. Anyways, the challenge is just an excuse. It served as a good diving board & I am getting more comfortable creating these tiny motifs/medallions/shapes.
Hope you appreciate the patterns … please do leave feedback so that I can improve & become better ….

Neo Vintage Heart

Size 20 crochet cotton in Ecru
Measurements :1-1/2 " wide x 1 " vertically ... round 1.
2-3/4" x 1-1/2" vertically .... round 2.
 Abbreviations :CTM - Continuous Thread method
SCMR – self closing mock ring
Fp – false picot
R – ring
p – picot
sep – separated
ds – double stitch
lp – long picot
sp – small picot
RW – reverse work
Ch – chain
JR – Josephine ring
hs – half stitch
Half Ring or Scallop
LJ – lock join
+ - join (within brackets is mentioned where to join)          
Cl – close

2 shuttles, wound CTM . Refer to images for sequence of working, indicated by numbered rings.

Round 1 :  Working anticlockwise ....
SCMR1 : 7 Fp
      R2 : 9 p sep by 1 ds. Alternate p & lp, starting with lp. Cl . Fp.
      6 sp 1 . Cl SCMR .
R3 : 1 + (SCMR1) 5 sp 6. Cl. RW.
Ch : 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 . RW.
Centre trefoil
R4 : 5 + (R3) 4 sp 1 . Cl.
SCMR5 : 5 Fp
       JR6 : 7 hs + (p of R2) 7 hs . Cl. Fp
       5 sp 1 . Cl SCMR.
R7 : 1 + (SCMR5) 4 p 5 . Cl. RW.
Ch : 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 p 5 . RW.
R8 : 6 + (R7) 5 p 1 . Cl.
SCMR9 : 1 + (R8) 6 + (R2) 7 . Cl.
Round 1 complete. Tie & Cut ONLY one shuttle thread & hide it in the next ring, as it is being made, since the next round is rings-only round.

Round 2. Working clockwise ….

Half Ring/Scallop : 5 Close partially such that a scallop is formed. LJ to picot on chain.
Repeat this all around the chains, joining with LJ at each p, such that 12 half rings/scallops are made. Tie and cut. Hide cut end.
Heart is complete .

I deliberately used half rings with the tiny bit of bare thread at their base in Round 2 . The knotted side makes a scalloped edge, while the bare thread gives a lacy, vintage effect. Hence the name ... a timeless heart that incorporates traditional/classic elements with more modern tatting such as self-closing mock rings. And hence, too, the choice of thread & colour …. lending it a kind of old-world look.
Magic Heart

This is such a small & simple heart that it can be made with leftover yarn (as I did for this prototype….didn’t get around to making a better version yet). It can easily be a beginner’s pattern.

Thread : Anchor Mercer Cotton size 20 . Navy Blue w/ White (variegated) : 4054-1210
Abbreviations : As listed above. and JK : Josephine Knot.

R1 : 6 lp 6 . Cl. RW
Ch : 12 p 2 p 2 p 6 . RW
R2 : 6 + (R1) 6 . Cl. RW
Ch : 6 p 2 p 2 p 12 RW
R3 : 6 + (R1) 6 . Cl. RW
Ch : 5 RW
R4 : 6 + (R1) 6 . Cl. RW . Switch Shuttle
JK5 : 7 hs
Ch : 5. Join to base of  R1 or the space between R1 & first Ch.
Tie & cut ends & hide.
Please note :
i)                    Before closing R1, a very small picot can be incorporated in order to anchor the last chain join.
ii)                   All chains can be worked with directional tatting.
iii)                 Since the 2nd shuttle is required only for the tiny JK, one can do without it …. Simply finger tat this last piece, or make an SLT & single shuttle JK.


 Hold My Hand Heart

Again, this is just the first trial, using leftover thread in size 10. I had imagined a little more elaborate pattern, with the interlocking rings, but am not too unhappy with the way this turned out. In fact the 2 IRs seem to be hands held together ;-)
The advantage with this pattern is that it can be Easily needle-tatted too !

Thread : South Maid Mercerised Cotton (Coats n Clark , USA) Size 10 . Color : 22 GARLAND
Pattern :
2 shuttles wound CTM
Start with the trefoil.
R1 : 12  Cl
R2 : 16  Cl
R3 : 12  Cl . RW
Ch : 20 Downward picot 20
At this stage, I realized that I hadn’t completely thought this through. So, I simply finger-tatted the last interlocking ring.
Interlocking Ring : 12
Tie & cut. Hide ends. To avoid this step, cut the chain thread & hide end in last ring, & make the last ring a single shuttle split ring (SSSR) !


That’s it for now. I am also working on another tiny pattern … Hope I get it right in time to share .

Happy Tatting :-)

Motifs 9, 10, 11 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I can always use another heart :). In Canada, February is Heart and Stroke Awareness month so Hearts are everywhere.

    1. Oh, that is nice to know. So you can do with as many hearts as possible :-))
      These are anyways so tiny that they tat up pretty fast .
      (( Hugs ))

  2. Love the "hold my hand" heart, I like very much the idea of two IR as a closure, so clever and inspiring.

    1. Thanks Ninetta :-) Sometimes it actually helps to rush headlong without too much sane thought , lol ! I have just posted another IR heart which also requires some more tweaking ....

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sweet hearts. I like the magic heart best.

    1. There is something to be said for classic patterns !!! Glad you like it, Jane :-)

  5. Wonderful patterns, I love the one on the top it is very classy looking has unusual work it look like haven't read through that part yet very cute.

    1. Thanks Carollyn :-)
      The top heart has SCMRs. The rest is simple rings & chains, finishing off with half rings. Very quickly tatted if one knows mock rings.

  6. Thank you for join to my challenge :-) Great hearts! I have'nt time to see my blog by few days and I dont see that you want join. There was "InLinkz" button to put your link - now inactive, so your links will be only in your comment posts. But hearts are so sweet - I will use your great patterns some day!

    1. Will look forward to seeing your versions, Dorothea :-)
      How or where can I see what others have contributed ? Can't see anything on your blog .