Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tatting Away XI : TIAS 2015

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I have posted progress pictures of Days 1 - 6 here , & Days 7 - 8 here  . Now for the rest, along with a compiled bird’s-eye view of all 13 days .

I used to think that Lock Chain was a very nice decorative element in tatting. Now I realize that it is also a Straight chain
Unlike normal double stitch chains which tend to curve, a LCh does not curve at all. Hence it is a design element for a straight line. 
The only drawback, at times, can be that if working with 2 colours, both colours will show up on the chain even if you want the straight chain in one colour only.

 A few lines to go with the penultimate day , with due apologies to Shakespeare .....

An Ode to Scissors

Snippers or Schaar
Ne'er from a craft far .
  Trimmers or Shears
  Sharp as spears.
Clippers?! I groan
But errors are shorn. 
  Scissors by whatever name
  Cutting smartly is it's bane.

Hands can horrifyingly slip
And make a very wrong snip.
  Unloved, disliked, taking the flak
  C'mon tatters, cut it some slack !
How into a project we first tread
If scissors do not cut the thread?!
  Without it, a project may stall
  Helping away when troubles befall.

Now that Jane has posted pics of  her own tatted scissors here , I cannot help wondering why most of us did not get the cutting edge as straight as Jane’s ? Should the Lock Chain have been looser ? Should we have added 1 ds more to our tatting ? Or was it the very small end rings that played mischief ?!
Any answers ? Any tips ?

Many thanks to Jane Eborall for All her tremendous work & effort in sharing patterns, techniques, & processes. And this start-of-the-year fun game.

Motif #6 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. That is a lovely Poem, Muskaan. Jane's edges are sharp, because she knew they were to be scissors. We did not know that, so we jut tatted on!

    1. Thanks, Chantal :-)))
      Well, that could be a possibility but sounds more like a lame excuse of sour grapes, LOL .
      I keep wondering whether it was more to do with the tiny rings & tension rather than the LCh itself. Coz most tatters got the LCh taut enough.
      Interesting, though !