Tuesday, 17 September 2019

sparkling and tinkling

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A week has passed since I last worked on the computer. I have posted 2 snowflake projects on facebook just so I don’t miss out since I only have 1 ‘free’ Sunday left ;-D Lots of patterns to write out…
I am taking this opportunity to post at least one pattern here – a 2D bell. When the 3D version is reworked and written out, I’ll combine both into a pdf.

The MatheMagical pattern has turned out to be quite versatile indeed – stars, tree, bells (and a possible angel, and later a coaster/doily, in future!!!). 
I first made a bell in silver metallic, without changing the original tree count (from which it is directly derived). Turned out to be a bit tubular. Then I took courage and tweaked the chain count and am so much happier with this version in gold! My tatting excitement has returned as well, lol.

MatheMagical Bell (2D) pattern

ctm - continuous thread ; - - picot ; dnrw - do not reverse work ; + - join ; rw - reverse work ; SS - switch shuttle.
Please let me know if you encounter any mistakes.

In the image below, the inset model shows sequence of working from A to P.
Black letters/numbers indicate rings while red shows chains.

2 shuttles, ctm.  1 teardrop bead on shuttle1.

Starting with shuttle1,
A Ring   : 8 – 7 – 1. dnrw
B Ring   : 1 +(A) 6 – 7. rw
C Chain : 9 – 7. rw
D Ring  : 6 +(B) 6. dnrw
E Ring  : 5 – 5. rw
F Chain : 6 – 4. rw
G Ring  : 4 +(E) 4. dnrw, SS
H Chain: 8. dnrw, SS
I Ring   : 4 – 4. rw
J Chain : 4 +(F) 6. rw
K Ring  : 5 +(I) 5. dnrw
L Ring  : 6 – 6. rw
M Chain: 7 +(C) 9. rw
N Ring  : 7 +(L) 6 – 1. dnrw
O Ring  : 1 +(N) 7 – 8. dnrw, SS
P Chain : 11 teardrop 11.
Join to starting space, tie, cut and hide ends. 

Snowflake Sparkle
And this is my 11th snowflake where I’ve cheated a bit (I didn’t actually tat a new model this time, but will do so this week)…. 
If you remember, it is a 2015 pattern which I improved in 2017 but the updated pattern still hasn’t been shared. This image is from 2017 and I want to tat a new model in metallic thread before I feel confident of sharing the revised pattern.

Keep the tinkling sparkle in your smile :-)))


  1. Both designs are innovative and exciting.

  2. Thank you. I especially love the bell. Smaller designs are always needed..!

    1. And it tats up real quick, obviously 😃. Hope you enjoy it, Barbara 💖

  3. I like that snowflake!! I will have to find an excuse to makes it, improved pattern or not; )

    1. Emily, you know me so well --- who knows how long the improved pattern might take to upload ...Another 2 years?! 😄😄😄😄

  4. Ooh! I love that bell! I have so many adorable charms and beads that would work well for the clapper. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Looking forward to your bell clappers, Diane :-D I ran out of colours in teardrop beads.