Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tatting Away VI

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Acorn Pattern

Designer: Leanne Boyd

Leanne shared a lovely tatted Acorn pattern on InTatters (now Craftree) (and   facebook ).
The chains moving sinuously to & fro, filling in the nut, as well as the scalloped mesh on top (cupule / involucre) is a visual delight !
It gave me an opportunity to learn Split Chain, finally ! Or rather forced me to ;-))  

Trial 1 :  
Threads: AMC Size 20 – Cadmium Orange : 0307 & Brown: 0355

I followed Frivole’s Split Chain (Traditional Tatting) video tutorial . Initially, I was a bit confused – which loop/thread to pull, etc. However, then it struck me that she is actually doing the CWJ stitch ! After that , it was easy-going.

Trial 1
Trial 2

Trial 2
Threads: AMC Size 20 – Mehandi Green : 0256 & Light Brown: 0368

Here I used Jane Eborall’s “Making a Split Chain original method”  which was even easier with tatting done all from the front. 
I also did directional tatting (FS/BS) for the chains in this trial.

Some further notes, that apply to my tatting trials :

  • Picots for the bottom should be normal to just a bit longish ; not on the smaller/shorter side. If these are short, then the tatting will not lie flat at joins.
  • An individual’s tatting tension may require some alteration in stitch count. I think I may have tatted just a bit tightly, hence needed an extra stitch in the bottom chains. Or it may just have been a difference in thread types.
  • I used 2 types of joins. Make loop with shuttle #1 & pass ball or shuttle #2 thread through this loop & tighten ; and, Lock join .
  • One can either use 2 shuttles Or a shuttle & ball. For bottom I used shuttle & ball; for top I used 2 shuttles CTM.
  • For the bottom, I required only about 12-15 inches in shuttle (size 20 thread)
  • For the top, I wound 104 inches CTM in 2 shuttles.

I designed an acorn/oak leaf, in keeping with the to-and-fro chains in the acorn. In nature, the leaf is supposed to be much larger. But that would take the focus away from the beautiful acorns. Hence I left it 'incomplete' & it kinda seemed okay in the photograph.

Motif #14 for 25 Motif Challenge
ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώ


“Hope” Butterfly

Designer : Sherry Pence

I liked the slightly different shape of this butterfly, & the fact that there was a bit of overlapping, adding some dimension to the pattern. Here is the link to "Hope"pattern 

Threads : AMC Size 20. Brown : 0355 & Cadmium Orange : 0307
Size : ~ 2½ inches across & ~2 inches long.


Another enjoyable tat, though I am not too pleased with the result. I “hope” to do better next time.
I really liked the Thrown-Off Rings used in this pattern to get a lacy filling within & a scalloped border too !

Motif #15 for 25 Motif Challenge

ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώ

I thank Sherry & Leanne, for sharing their lovely patterns :-)
Happy Tatting ! 

ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώЖ ώ