Friday, 25 March 2022

bowled over

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Can you imagine an edging taking on the shape of a bowl?! Paola Bevilacqua did just that! For the life of me I still cannot imagine how she visualized it in the first place!

free pattern (pdf link below)
This is the prototype she shared in the Endrucks 1920 Project FB group in January. She also uploaded stepwise pics with the pattern and I was immediately tempted to tat it. If you remember, I posted my version here - along with my notes. And now you can see how horrible my bowl is compared to this, since I did not tension my long chains properly. 
Paola tatted another version in metallic thread, and has removed the 2 side 'branches'. So we now have a choice to work it either way. 
The bowl can hold anything you wish to make it unique. Fill it with colourful eggs - it will make a good motif for a handmade card?!
It was so gratifying when Paola loved my idea of placing flowers in the bowl and immediately adopted it by adding these freeform sprigs and flower!

And here's the good news - the pattern is now in pdf and available to enjoy. It is a one-page diagram-only presentation. 
Fruit Bowl pattern by Paola Bevilacqua  (click on the link to download)

Many many thanks to Paola for continuing to share her creativity with us! Grazie mille, amica.

Find all modernised and adapted pattern,s in the form of individual pdfs, from the Endrucks 1920 Project here - 


  1. Brava Paola and many thanks to you for the pattern 馃グ

  2. Beautiful! Thank you very much for the pattern.

  3. When I saw this on Facebook I was impressed, a great pattern and looks impressive

    1. and the fun part is that we can fill it with anything we want, Margaret, making it exclusive 馃挅馃А馃挅

  4. Wow, these designs are so clever and fun!

    1. Absolutely, Emily, and I hope you make good use of them 馃挍馃А馃挍