Thursday 31 March 2022

a happy day flower

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After the grumpiness last time, this flower seems to have settled down for now as a daffodil, which happens to be the flower of the month! She understands that there is a lot of improvement as well as diversity possible, but this is my little gift to all tatters on the eve of International Tat Day, 2022

Happy Hands 3D Daffodil  (prototype pattern continued)
adaptation of Endrucks' edging #1
The odd one out, but continuing the pattern for this prototype .....
After the first 3 petal fiasco, I chanced upon a superb daffodil pic posted by Coretta L where 3 petals were curved and the other 3 were pointed. This is the reason I chose to go with daffodil and after a bit of Googling, it turned out that it was the flower for March-born, besides having more meanings. Timely, huh!

Some abbreviations : ch = chain; LJ = lock join; fhs = 1st half-stitch; shs = 2nd half-stitch

Corona : Use your preferred method of block tatting. I have followed Endrucks' style, using 2 shuttles, turn work (tw) and switch shuttle (SS). I simply knotted the threads, leaving the tails to add to the stalk.
ch-1: 1 - 4 - 6, tw SS
ch-2: - 4 - 6 LJ 4 LJ, tw SS 
ch-3: [ 1 - 4 LJ 6 LJ, tw SS
ch-4: 4 - 6 LJ 4 LJ, tw SS ]x6

Make one last chain and remember to join it to BOTH the 1st and previous chain at 2 points respectively. This creates a conical structure, with both threads emerging along the top edge. Continue ... 
Corona Frill : is made with a row of Node stitch or Victorian Set chains, lock joined to the picot below. You can choose a different colour. 
Victorian Set Chain: [ 3fhs 3shs 3fhs 3shs, LJ ]x7

This is how it looks after the corona and frill is finished. I simply put in a few pearl head pins in the center. All tails have been inserted through the center space of the petals, and before snipping off, join the base of corona to the base of petals. If desired, we can use one of the tails to sew and anchor it.

TIP: We can add a 2nd row for a wider and more pronounced frill. This could be with sets of 4 or 5 half stitches each.
Anthers : Each is made separately with a bead at the tip of a lock chain. Use leftover thread, short lengths are sufficient, and single shuttle. String bead and work the lock chain below it. You can decide the length of each stamen. I varied the lengths using between 6 to 9 lock stitches, for 4 stamens.

Again, insert the tails through the center space and cut off, leaving a few inches of tail. After inserting the last stamen, make an overhead knot at the base, encapsulating all the tails.

Calyx : Block tatting. Start with a paper clip to hold picot or a lock stitch (without paperclip, which is what I did here). 2 shuttles, ctm. 
TIP: You can make a join to the base of a petal midways through the calyx 
ch-1: - 6 - 4, tw SS
ch-2: - 2 - 4 LJ 6 LJ, tw SS
ch-3: 1 half-stitch - 6 LJ 4 LJ, tw SS
ch-4: 2 - 4 LJ 6 LJ, tw SS   
ch-5: 1 half-stitch - 6 LJ 4 LJ, tw SS 
ch-6: - 2 - 4 LJ, tw SS   
ch-7: 4 LJ, tw SS
These are the 7 chains seen in the image above.
Repeat chains 2 & 3 twice. Wrap the open calyx around all the tails at the base of the petals. Make one last chain joining to BOTH 1st and last chain at both joining points so that we have a cone.
I used a drop of fabric glue to keep the tails and the calyx in place since I had not anchored the calyx. At the base, I made 2 overhand ties, keeping all tails within the knot.
Do not cut threads. Continue for stalk and leaf.
Stalk : Here we are encapsulating all the tails while covering it with unflipped stitches. You can choose to do a Josephine chain or simple direct tatting. I used an odd method to make a Lock Chain for a straight stalk. 
Lock Chain encapsulation : Always keep the tail ends encapsulated while making each half-stitch. Make unflipped shs, slightly rotate the stalk towards you, make a manoeuvred fhs, rotate stalk back to original position, and repeat this process for the desired length.

TIP: We make a manoeuvred half-stitch in Twist Work, as follows : 

Stalk worked to the point where I now want to start a leaf. Continue without cutting threads.
Leaf : is made with ring (forming a node), followed by a kind of phase-shift block tatting, ending in a folded ring.
ring: 4 - 6. Before closing, pull all tails through this ring and adjust the position.
ch-1: [ 1 - 3 LJ(to ring) 1, tw SS
ch-2: 1 - 4 LJ, tw SS ]x10-12
folded ring: 8 - 2fhs 8 2shs. 
You can either cut and hide ends, or whip stitch them back to the base of the leaf if you wish to continue with the stalk. I ran out of thread despite keeping the shorter length as core thread for the final chain, otherwise I would've liked the leaf to be a wee bit longer.
Having run out of thread, I joined new thread at the base of the leaf....... and continued the stalk for a short length. Then I tied and snipped off all tails and put a drop of glue to hold them together.
The stalk is semi-stiff and when held at the base of the leaf, it can hold the flower up. I have not done any kind of finishing here. This entire flower is as it is when it came off my shuttles.
I wanted more of a slant in the block chains for the leaf, but not quite successful. Will require more trials and testing.
A side view with displaced leaf. Yes, as I said in the beginning, this is a prototype and I have made several mistakes besides not being as neat as I would've liked. But hubby really likes it and I am happy for now. 
If there is sufficient interest, some day I will draw diagrams and create a pdf presentation.
Worked entirely with Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8. The flower spans 5cms, and the complete sprig is 8cms high; leaf is 4.5cms high.
Beware, some of the elements can be a bit fiddly, being small and 3D. Satisfying result, nevertheless.

Wishing you a very happy, chatty, chocolatey Tatting Day tomorrow. 
I have received such a wonderful gift and will share it as soon as I take pics!

All patterns from the Endrucks 1920 Project can be found here as pdfs -


  1. Wow, that’s lovely muskaan, works fabulously as a daffodil.

  2. Gorgeous daffodil. I’ve also been thinking about daffodils for Easter.

    1. Looking forward to what you come up with, Marja 😍🌿🌼🌿

  3. Beautiful Daffodil! thx for sharing. Happy International Tatting Day!

    1. Thanks, Lelia, hope you had a wonder-full day, too 😍💖🍫

  4. Absolutely and totally awesome!!!! :)

  5. Wow! Piękny😍Jak źywy❤

    1. bardzo dziękuję, Agnieszka 🍫😍🍫