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happy sunflowers

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Adaptation of Endrucks' pattern #1 edging into a circular coaster/doily.

by Meenakshi (muskaan) Jain
adaptation of Endrucks-Leichtenstern's pattern #1 
from her book ‘Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’,1920
UPDATE (Nov 2021): pattern now in pdf... click to download -
The large one on the right is a prototype from 2015. The upper WIP is halted due to cupping. The lower left one is the final version, with pattern below.

6 years in the making! In 2015, it was tempting to convert Endrucks' #1 edging into a circular coaster. Every other year I would pick it up, sketch or tat a center and fail. For a long time I thought of it as a sun/corona. I also wanted some block tatting inside. 
Till that aging process resulted in my own maturation and this center materialised from yet another failed attempt at tatting a reflection of the happy hands, large ring facing inward (like our reflection in water). That proved too large, but led to this idea which worked! 
Design Tip: Notice the cupping in above WIP model? I believe it happened because in my 2015 model there was space at base of large ring and arms on either side. In new model there is no such space.
The lower center was tweaked with shorter chains.

ROUND 1 - center medallion pattern

Ball and shuttle, continuous thread. Joining picots are small. Start with a large ring (starred in pic). Tatting moves counterclockwise.  
    R1: 4-4-4—4-4-4. rw
    C1: 5-5. rw
    R2: 4+(R1) 4-4. rw
    C2: 5-5. rw
    R3: 4+(R2) 4 +(R1) 4—4-4-4. rw
Continue around (total of 10 rings). 
NOTE: Remember to join last 2 rings to the first ring. The red lines in
 the top right pic show the last large ring is joined to 2 previous rings on the left, and one join on the right to the 1st large ring. The final small ring is also joined to rings on either side.

ROUND 2 - circular edging/petals pattern
For stepwise edging pictorial, with sequence, legend, links, etc. refer and the notes below

    2 shuttles, ctm.
    A ring: 4-4-2—2—2—2-4-4. rw
    Bchain: p 4•4•4-4. rw
    C ring: 8-2
6. dnrw, SS
    Dchain: 4CWJ 4• SS
    E ring: 2
2-4. SS
    Fchain: 4CWJ 5+
    Gchain: p 4•4•4-4. rw
    H ring: 8+2--6. dnrw, SS
    Ichain: 4CWJ 4• SS
    J ring: 2
2-4. SS
    Kchain: 4CWJ 5+ . rw
    Lchain: 5+(Rnd1) 5. dnrw, SS
First Motif Complete.
    **Leave space
    Aring: 4-4-2—2—2—2-4-4. Rw, SS
    Make B,C,D as before
    Join to E above and lock join to A below. Keep Both threads on same side ( I prefer to keep them above). 
    Continue chainF
    Make picot join and continue to other side, as in 1st motif, and complete the 2nd motif.
** Repeat ** to ** till all 10 motifs are made and joined back to the first motif. Tie & cut.

Model worked in Anchor size 40 (00269 & 00302) measures 7.5 cms. Round1 medallion is 3cms. 
In Anchor size 20 (the prototype model), it measures 4cms inside and 11.5 cms final.

I sought the advice of my Endrucks 1920 Project partner Ninetta (thank you!) when there was cupping and her tips along with my own ideas helped me arrive at a model that lies flat. A very close inspection will reveal discrepancies as I implemented changes on-the-go. But I am fairly confident this is good.

  • To work petals in 2 colours, see pictorial for colour placement options and methods.
  • All joining picots are very small.
  • CWJ is optional but gives a smoother outline.  
  • For fs/bs tatting, I did a bit of cheating with the CWJ – I made 1 less half stitch on the backside chains, and formed a normal CWJ. Thus when seen from the front, they appear as a complete stitches.
  • I did not count the CWJ as a stitch.
  • There are chain segments with 1 more or less half-stitch-a judgment call. 
  • Simple blocking on completion will give it a neat finished look. 
  • All decorative picots are deliberately kept long. Picot gauge is optional.
In my 2015 prototype I had used double and triple picots which are now changed to regular long picots. I think it gives a way better look!
If you look closely you will see the tweaks I made in the light yellow center, trying to settle on the right count.

  • For a more natural look, vary the length of the petals by adding or reducing chain segments by 2, 3, or 4ds.
  • We could try to do away with the 2 rings at the periphery, replacing them with chain segments and picot for joining.
  • Add more layers of petals for a beautiful 3D flower.
  • Add more colours. Hubby insisted on just these 2 and I obeyed (sometimes I behave ;-P).
  • I am working on a 3D 3-petal earring/pendant/brooch adaptation that I think should work - simple tatting and a beaded version.
So, keeping my fingers crossed that you remain sunny and cheerful for future posts, without ennui setting in ;-D
And I welcome somebody to test tat this and send in their feedback. I hope there is no mistake. I will convert the pattern into pdf format at a later date.
happy tatting and adapting !


  1. Beautiful flower, I love it! Thank you for this pattern! I think Endrucks for the moment doesn't bore anyone, it's still unexplored land!

    1. 'unexplored land'- I like the sound of that!!! Thank you, Ninetta 馃挄馃拹

  2. Absolutely awesome!!!!! :)
    And I love the future sunflower idea!!! :)

    1. I hope somebody gives it a whirl, Sue 馃尰 Thank you 馃挆馃槏

  3. I thought I’d commented. I’m not a huge fan of the Endrucks style, but this sunflower version is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I totally understand, Jane 馃槃 Even when I first saw the book, the potential for derivatives beckoned me and you will be pleasantly surprised by what some tatters have done/doing. eg. Paola recently shared her brooch adaptation with beads and it is totally transformed!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Margaret 馃尰馃挆馃尰馃挆馃尰

  5. Love your creative tatting style. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Marilee, and welcome to my blog 馃尰馃槏馃尰

  6. I can tell you've been brewing the options for this sunflower for a long time :) you have so many ideas stemming out of it, it is amazing! I'm happy with just making a pattern lie flat these days, but you take every design to the next level!

    1. I've been thinking of you, Lavi, coz my next adaptation in this pattern is a 3D snowdrop 馃槈 I love your cool snowdrop motif 馃挅

  7. So bright and cheerful!!! I want to make my own now!!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern, I am saving it for future. 馃尰馃槂馃挍

    1. Jill is test tatting this sunflower and already spotted a mistake (which I have since corrected). Once she is done, I will try to upload a proper pdf. Enjoy it, Emily 馃尰