Saturday, 17 April 2021

needling the heart

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 I am thrilled to share Pam Hemenway's needle tatted version of the Happy Hands Heart which was adapted from Frau Endrucks' edging pattern #1 from her 1920 book (all links & modernised patterns listed here). For shuttle pattern -

She willingly shared her NT notes and tips. Although I included most of it in the above post, I thought it more practical to have a dedicated post, especially now that she has sent in a pic of Two models, one with a bit of tweak.


Pam H's NEEDLE NOTES for Happy Hands Heart :
RingA) 1) Paper clip to hold the ring and pull tight 2) Work to first join and pull off needle to make join.
ChainB) 1) Picots I picked up with needle point to use working thread would twist stitches.
ChainD) 1) Roll tatting = ds 16 wraps around the needle ds Hint- hold tight it is a bugger to take out and re-do.

She was not very happy with the variegated, hence made another. Here's what she says -
"I did another and I did it a bit different on the dimple I tied it tight before joining the dimple and the roll I did not do the ds on the 2nd one you can see the lump of ds on the first so I left it off but hold on tight lol or you will have to restart. but it looks so much better. Here is the link to the photo if allowed"

TIP: Needle tatting Josephine Chains   
When roll tatting with a shuttle, there is a tendency for the thread to untwist, hence we need to suspend the shuttle to balance the twist again, as for spiral tatting. Pam pointed out that there was no need to suspend the needle and answers as follows -
"Yes Josephine chains unwind and yes to the untwist also but I found if my twist is going right, I use the 2nd half of ds and reverse for opposite twist. It works with the thread rather than against it. But we do have the needle to hold against until it is done."

Pam H has graciously offered to convert any of my patterns into needle as she enjoyed working the hearts (I leave the choice to her). She is currently teaching needle tatting in Georgia's Online Tatting Class. So if you wish to learn or hone tatting with a needle, hop over to her class. She has a Facebook page titled - Hilltop Tatter

Many many thanks, Pam. Hoping my needle tatting friends will take this opportunity ...


  1. Wow So glad you enjoyed my version of the heart. I love taking shuttle patterns and converting them to needle.

    1. Then I am sure we will alL benefit from your passion, Pam, especially since a huge collection of patterns is written for shuttle tatting. 💗

  2. Replies
    1. You had a great time adapting them, too, Sue 💗

    2. More ideas to play with when I get time. The two doilies are keeping me a bit busy currently. ;)

    3. Yay, Sue, I love mysteries - all the more exciting when created in lace 😍

  3. It is so nice of Pam to give the needle tatting tips. The heart looks really nice in the last pink version.
    I started with the needle and i can confirm that the stitches on a Josephine chain will try to slide on the needle so i used to tat the longer ones in parts, holding the stitches firmly on the needle and occasionally sliding them off when they got too many to hold.

    1. Very interesting tip, Lavi, thank you 💗😍 It appears to be the needle equivalent of what shuttlers do - drop the shuttle (without actual stitch) after every 5-6 stitches to create an even spiral.