Friday, 20 October 2017


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The medley is limited to my newest clover wreath pattern. 

This medallion has turned out to be quite versatile. 
When I started out with the intention of using clovers to enclose a central space, I winged the stitchcount and pattern and it didn’t need any changes or retro-tatting ... 

... except adding joining picots to stabilize the center.
Yes, you guessed right. I deliberately chose Christmasy colours for the pattern 
to go with the name ;-P
Placed a lone rosette in center to see the effect. 

Red and gree also remind me of poinsettias ! 
All it needed was a touch of yellow in the center. Beads to the rescue.

With 3 medallions made, it was time for some more play. 
I noticed how snuggly the hexagons fit together for a larger mat.

A tiny picot on the ‘leaves’ to attach adjacent medallions.
Immediately started to work on the larger coaster, using 3 strands of embroidery thread. 

Attaching linearly this could well become a broad insertion, bookmark, belt, hairband, etc. 
Multiple rows could create a table runner, a cornered mat. 
It would leave some empty spaces to fill in, though.

So far I've attached 3, then stopped to do a teensy bit of experimentation before I write and share the pattern. 

Sharon makes a valid observation – Don’t all medallions have enclosed spaces?
Oh, yes ! And I should’ve included this in my study instead of simply listing Nicholls’ categorization.
All medallions have enclosed space. The difference in the 3 groups is this :
  1. Central Ring group – space is enclosed within one ring
  2. Enclosed Space group – space is enclosed by multiple elements (on the ‘outside’)
  3. Central Picot group – space is enclosed within one large picot
Does this make sense ?

whatever the tune played, a tatting medley is always melodious !

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  1. I like the poinsettia best! Though I realise your point is to show the versatility.

    1. and I got the beads loaded correctly, too! Thanks, Jane :-)))

  2. I'm with Jane and the poinsettia as favourite. But the two blues side by side really work too. Several motifs joined together would make a gorgeous mat or doily.
    As for the 3 categories: yes, that does make sense :)

    1. I'm so relieved, Sylvie! I've updated the document with this additional definition. Working on the coaster ...

  3. beautiful! I like the blue motifs joined and thanks for all your posts, always useful and inspiring too

  4. Those are awesome!!! I love the pointsettia one!!!!! :)

  5. I have been blogging sparingly and love the pointsettia will you post the pattern for it ? I want this one too love it馃尣馃尣馃尣馃尣馃尣 its beautiful 馃槏

  6. Your poinsettia is beautiful! Lovely Christmas colors used. I can see dot picot clusters in center and Dot Picots replacing all beads will look beautiful too! Great idea to make runner or doily by joining medallions with small picots. Thanks for sharing Muskaan.

  7. All beautiful! Same with everyone, the poinsettia one is my fave :).

  8. Lovely motif and a very useful motif which could be very versatile

  9. Thank you all so very much ! Mighty glad you liked the poinsettia, etc. :-)))

    Ninetta, I had to use "medley" after you suggested it ;-P

    Carollyn, the pattern should be uploaded within this week - my little experiment was successful & I can now write the pattern out. I do miss your lovely comments with all the thoughtful emoticons :-D

    Usha, I'd love to see you make this with dot picots in 3 colours !

  10. Sounds great, i will wait patiently 馃槃

  11. Waah! Looks so nice. I like the idea of table mat (though looks heavy work 馃槃)

  12. Great versitility. lovely tatting.

  13. Carollyn, the pattern is now posted. Enjoy :-)

    Dhanyavaad, Alka :-) The best part about the table mat is that it is worked in single medallions/motifs so you can make it as small or as large as you wish.

    Thanks, Bernice :-)