Friday, 20 November 2020

my first roses

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 A comment in the previous post served as a reminder of my very first roses! I had designed these several months back for the Lock Join Plus series. The next in line was to be the Dora Young Join (DYJ).

That presentation needs a few finishing touches, but I keep getting caught in something or other ;-P So, detailed pictorial for later, hope you like these rose motifs for now - good for gluing to cards!

All you need is only one shuttle and leftover thread. String seed beads for a beaded version.

This beaded version was made second. Beads not merely decorated the rose and added texture, but also serve to estimate (and communicate) the length in the absence of stitches!

This is the first, made with variegated size 3 thread. Start with a central ring, then each subsequent round grows larger, spiraling around, joining to previous bare thread space. Why not a Lock Join, you ask? Because it is not very stable - it tends to twist the thread.

I've done this before, moving from the out to in and substituting the lock join with a DYJ - 

But more about the DYJ when I continue the series and post the tutorial. For now, I'd love for you to share your impression and feelings about this rose.

Since the rounds move spirally, one can easily replace the bare thread with actual stitches. A project for future.


  1. Great way to use left over threads and provide a greeting card at the same time! Creavite. I love the differences. I love the similarities. Good job!!!

  2. Good idea to count the beads as an indication of where to make the next join. Clever use of bare thread in the bare version!

    1. Jane, beads seemed the easiest/effective way to communicate the pattern 馃槏

  3. I like the beaded version!! :) The version without the beads makes me think it would be great for making a tatted dreamcatcher. ;)

    1. Dreamcatcher is a Wonderful idea, Sue !!! A larger beaded version can also become a dreamcatcher.