Wednesday, 4 November 2020

the enticing hole

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.... in an array of denser block tatting patterns in Endrucks' 1920 book ! ('Die Schiffchen-Spitszen' by Frau Eleonore Endrucks Leichtenstern )

If you remember, over 5 years back Georgia Seitz had asked me to work pattern #22 and share in modern format. From that one broad lace, so many different patterns emerged, including little angels and I fell in love with this book and worked in private trying to cover the entire book (including some derivations), calling it my Endrucks Project. All of it is in various stages of incomplete ;-P

At first glance, the images are not enticing. But once I start tatting up a pattern in colour and translate modern notation, ideas blow around and it becomes addictive. Ninetta is feeling that same enchantment & addiction as you can see from her lovely versions over the past several weeks! She has systematically tackled 4 patterns already and has roped in several volunteers in the Chiacchierino facebook group!!! Some have started posting their first trials. We welcome you to join in, or watch the progress in this document - Endrucks 1920 Project which contains all information, links, and updates.

This is my adaptation of pattern #29 into a close-ended, one-pass bookmark/bracelet which I am calling The Enticing Hole  Endrucks pattern #29 vintage to modern

This is the first motif. The joining picots should be very small, unlike those seen in this first trial. Doesn't this look like the top frill of a gown? Or perhaps an angel, even a 3D version. is waiting to emerge?

A few more repeats in Anchor 20. The 2 colours show how easy it is to work with 2 shuttles, covering a large area in one pass. And all segments are basically 6ds!

In the original, the insertion is open-ended. We prefer continuous tatting, and I used one of the small motifs to span the side.

The center ring is fairly large with 48 stitches! I tried SCMR for the 2nd pink ring, but it distorted as is clearly visible. So true rings, using my usual adaptation of Patty Dowden's working large ring tutorial.
It is also Very important to leave a mock picot at the base of the large ring otherwise the later chains tend to pull it out of shape (as is visible in a couple of my rings).

This is in Lizbeth 20 #131. It is fall after all! 4 repeats, including both sides makes this bookmark 15.5cms long and 4.5 cms wide.

Since I hadn't thought of a tail design yet, I tried satin ribbons to reduce all the negative space.

Of course, it hides alternate motifs. I also thought of using this as a surround for a wrist watch, provided the dial fits within the ring diameter.

And it is better to have an odd number of repeats. Oh, I forgot to insert the ribbon Inside the ring, sigh!
One more colour. Of course, one can simply tie the ribbon as a tail at one end. I really don't mind the negative fact the hole in the center is quite enticing ;-D
But Ninetta's 'eyes wanted to see something there'. How about glass gems as in ice drops? These are the smallest I had and they do add a bit of sparkle and lift. One will need to modify the center for these insertions.
Pearls! Gives it a vintage feel doesn't it?

How about leaving the ring alone and covering up the in-between space? 2 large faceted bicone crystals between each.
Bugle beads at a slant! What, are we playing Knots and Crosses now?! 

And finally, faceted tear drops. I still have to add findings, etc. for this bracelet.

Download the pattern here - 

We invite you to join in before all patterns are taken. Let Ninetta or me know which pattern you wish to tat and share in modern style. 


  1. No no, not the ribbon, that obscures too much of the very interesting design. Phew, that’s a large ring, very challenging. Good job!

    1. Aha, my kinda girl!!! I totally agree, Jane :-D

  2. Beautiful tatting! That big rings are a challenge, aren't they? You tatted them beautifully 馃グ馃グ馃グ I admit, I've let me be conquered by these patterns, lol! You're right, I like to see something inside those big rings and love pearls too!

    1. It was because of the large rings that I chose a smooth-sliding thread. And I had fun trying to fill in the rings - it was like a child playing dress-up in her granny's attic 馃槂馃槂馃槂
      Nin, you have leapfrogged this project in such an amazing way that I am truly thankful 馃挐

  3. Awesome!!!! :)
    I think they look fabulous!!! :) And such creativity flowing from them and you!! :)

    1. You are so sweet and always motivational, Sue 馃挆

  4. What wonderful ideas! I like all of them. If you DO use a ribbon, what do you think of stitching the ribbon to the back of the tatting so you can see ALL of the beautiful tatting with the ribbon as 'background' color? Lovely work, all of it!

    1. What an awesome idea, Steph !!! 馃挏馃挄 And one can actually sew in any pearls, beads etc, 'within' the ring, too - 2 birds in one sew 馃槈馃槃 Thank You -- lots of dressing up still left 馃槂