Monday, 13 May 2019

no bold moves

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…yet not a simple design journey for me.

Remember the counting error that led to 30 repeats from the designated 9 in Lyndsay Rogers’ Repetition Mat? And I decided to adapt it into a snood?

This is my story so far. Sharing my design and thought process, for those interested –

1. I started round 2 from the original pattern, but didn’t like my working. 
Snipped. But I did want to use 2 colours in order to highlight the beige round. 

2. Instead of a completely new centre, why not work Lyndsay’s original round correctly, but with 10 repeats – that would be one-third of the outer round?
Halfway through I feared it might be a stretch, so squeezed in 15 repeats....

...with overlapping chains that complemented the raised rings in outer round for texture.

3. Back to centre, I added a chains-only round.
Chain: [3 ± 2 – 2 - 3, lock join] x15
Will most probably do a filigree stitch to fill in the center. 

4. The negative space between the beige rounds was smaller than hoped. Initially I thought of simply weaving in bare thread (as in attaching to bangles, etc). It meant basting the rounds to fabric to hold taut on a embroidery hoop - too much work!
After a lot of trials and errors to get the stitchcount right, I went with another chains only round.

Chain: [5 +(to p between rings) 5, lj ,
              5 +(middle p of first chain) 2 +(middle p of next chain)  5, lj] x15 
At the end of this round, the diameter is 4 inches in Anchor size 40.
The reason I used the dark colour is evident against this dark background -

5. After a lot of deliberation, this way or that. inward or outward, I ended up with a tame larger repeat of my mistaken round (no bold moves).
[Ring1: 6 ± 6.
 Ring2: 12 + 6 – 6 – 12.
 Ring3: 6 – 6. RW
 Chain: 6 – 3 – 3 – 6 RW] Repeat around {45 times?}  
TIP : With a full shuttle I used the scmr to add new thread to/within rings, thus milking the shuttle thread to the max! 

This round should be completed by the end of the day when the total number of repeats will be confirmed.
After blocking, will come decisions on how to connect. 
This morning I had another idea to fill in the center - a treble stitch ring! Or would it be too cluttered/dense? But this can wait till the end.

Eager to read your opinions and suggestions!


  1. Looks to me like you are doing perfectly well without suggestions! What size thread are you using?

    1. So sweet, Jane 馃挆馃挆馃挆 This is Anchor size 40 and at the end of this 3rd beige round diameter should be about 6.5 inches. I will update post.

    2. Really? It has a nice boldness, I thought the thread was thicker.

    3. Blame it on my new smartphone or the fact that I like to take pics from up close, Jane 馃槃馃槃馃槃 Unlike Anchor 20 which is much thicker, Anchor 40 is equivalent to Lizbeth 20. However, it might possibly be size 30. Anchor has 3 thicknesses within the same ticket differentiated by the zeroes before shade number.

    4. And I completed the outer round - it measures 6.5 inches.

  2. It looks wonderful so far!! :) I am sure it will be fabulous when done!!! :)

    1. Trying to keep my fingers crossed (when shuttle not in hand), Sue 馃槃馃挆

  3. It looks beautiful! I would wear it proudly during the daytime so everyone could see it if I were you. I put my hair in a bun at night, too, so it doesn't tangle, but I don't wear my pretty bun covers at night. :)

    1. Steph, if I don't wear them and wear them down, I'd have no excuse to tat new ones 馃槂馃槃
      I noticed the hair bun covers to be taught at Palmettos this year are yours ?? Beautiful !!!

  4. Loved seeing how you arrived to where your at now the overlapping is fun in tatting and make a nice texture too馃榾❤️馃榾

    1. Even if it's a simple repetitive kind of design, there is quite a lot of effort that goes behind it, as you well know, Carollyn 馃挆 And if one were to share All minor details it would become a boring post 馃槀馃榿馃槃

  5. Oh please! Don't give up being BOLD!
    Your tatting is exquisite because you are bold. With colors, design elements, all of it!
    As for ideas for the next rounds. You're on the right track by putting things in thread with scissors at hand. At least that's my method!

    1. Hahahaha, no I cannot give up being 'bold'- I call it being brash ;-P
      Yet for me designing is not always a smooth path despite the loads of patterns I've put up. I'm just happy that I can do some, Mel :-D

  6. I like the dark brown contrast to the beige. And the repeated theme gives a nice effect. I've always wanted to make a snood, now you are inspiring me to maybe make it my next project (Once I finish playing with Patty's square馃槒)
    Can't wait to see it finished!!

    1. The seed round (though my mistake) that started it all is from 'Repetition Mat', so I guess the repeat theme is apt ;-D Emily, you really must show us some of your work :-)) Would you like to email the pics & I can post them here for all to admire?