Tuesday, 17 January 2017

patchwork tatting

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A tatting SOUP bookmark from snowflakes.

What do you do with practice pieces or tatting leftovers ?

You may remember my tatting SOUP (Sewing On / Using Pieces) where I try to put my tatting to functional or decorative use – be it as appliqués or on ribbon bookmarks, envelopes, cards, and so on. It was time for these vintage snowflake motifs to get working!

I’m calling it the ...
Patchwork Bookmark
 using 6-Pointed Motifs by Louise Hauck

update Jan 18,2017 in order to change the blogfeed photo, I am adding this single pic ...

... because it is made by piecing together not just the snowflakes, but also filler bits, tails, tassels, all using short lengths of leftover thread .

I chose to place them one tip into another trough – it looked better than attaching each at 2 tips. This results in an alternating symmetry, being 6-pointed. I sewed the adjoining edges, weaving through stitches to reach the next joining point/picot.

Filler motifs : Yet, there was something missing – they didn’t form a cohesive unit. (refer to the center image in collage). That’s when the idea of fillers hit me, using a motif from the pattern itself ! 4 bits were added, shown by arrows in pic.
With so many options for hiding ends, I didn’t mind weaving in the tails in the filler bits (each started CTM).

Overcoming woes of 2 colours : The coloured snowflake at the end stood out like a sore thumb (it would’ve worked better as a charm). But I liked the tapering effect.
The tails, too, taper with decrease in ring stitches. But it is very subtle.
Tried to bring it all together by making 2 tails and intermixing the 2 colours. Not too happy with it, but ….

My first time trying to fray tassels !
Frayed tassels : Aqua tassel : I tried with toothbrush and also pin . Hardly made any dent.
Then I held the pin horizontal and 'scraped' over the threads - it worked like a charm (pun intended ;-p) !
White tassel : this time I untwisted each thread between fingers. Then used the pin horizontally. Much better and quicker.
I then brushed both tassels with the toothbrush. Beware - don't overdo it ‘coz fibers accumulate in the brush. This is visible in the whitened tips of the aqua tassel.
I was fearful of spoiling the tassel while blocking. But it actually helped!
I’m much more confident now, and may fray picots in a pattern, too. 

This book arrived just last week and I won’t be able to start it till I finish reading my current book …may take a month at least. But this bookmark goes perfectly with both the colours and the title of the book ! A bookmark made with snowflakes for ‘Winter Garden’ by Kristin Hannah

˜l˜happy tatting come snow or shine !  ˜l˜


  1. That looks splendid! Clever how you've combined them. Thanks for the tips about tassels, I must remember that.

  2. Lovely way to use leftovers! I seem to have way more mistakes and errors than leftovers. They require too much creative thought. I'm usually off on another idea. I should be more disciplined like you!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Wonderful work great pictures love what you can do with leftovers 😄🌹😄💟💟💟

  4. Beautiful bookmark, very clever idea. And how to fit them together

  5. Very clever use of the snowflakes! My finished designs get filed away in a binder, but the small bits of tatting go into a box and are usually forgotten. Sometimes they are useful for envisioning new designs and calculating stitch counts, so I keep them around just in case.

  6. (((Hugs))) and thank you everybody for your lovely comments.
    Apologies for the delayed response – going through a long cold spell that has messed up my online routine, and too long on the tablet causes eye-strain :-(

    Jane, it was my first time with the fraying and I enjoyed figuring out a way. I’m sure Google would throw up this or other ways.

    Mel, I doubt anyone can call me disciplined ;-P But yes, I do like to use up stuff that can be. It will soon be the turn of Lene’s snowflakes – need to see what can be done, once I take an all-inclusive pic for the final post.

    Margaret, now that I used filler bits for the sides, I’m wondering whether the earlier arrangement wouldn’t have worked, too, with similar filler bits within the large negative space. For a future project….

    Robin, when the bits and pieces start to overwhelm me & attached tails get entangled, I am forced to do some de-stashing :-D

  7. I love what you are doing with your "soup" bookmarks. They really are inspiring and you are using them to practice new techniques, too! And you solved the color problem very nicely with the tails. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Eliz ! It is always fun trying to figure out for oneself ; and each little step helps.