Sunday, 29 January 2017

I laced it !

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Beginner’s Armenian lace on Romanian Cord 

We’ve all been admiring Totus Mel’s gorgeous Armenian lace doilies and when she put up her first video, it looked pretty simple. Have wanted to try Romanian lacing for a long time, too – ever since I came across it on pinterest.
This is my very first attempt at both ….

The videos and instructions are excellent and easy to follow.

I used size 20 Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton 4054-0241 for the cord and an unbranded crochet perle cotton for lace – perhaps a size 30.

I'm very pleased with my point lace cord - unfortunately no separate pic of it.
The thread seemed to get stuck when pulling the needle. Till I started to pull the needle towards my left and sort of guiding the double thread over my left thumb. Then knotting went smoothly.
UPDATE (later in the day) : I cut off the lace and started again with size 40 Anchor Mercer and knotting is so much easier. It was the perle cotton that was 'knotty' !

I need a lot of practice, especially climbing up/down. At present I’m happy that the main lace seems to be evenly spaced out.

For first triangle, I spaced each arch further apart. For second, there is only one ‘picot’ space.

What I like about both techniques?
-         no special tools required
-         no strain on eyes
-         easily portable
-         no need to remember a pattern (at least as yet)
-         there seems to be tremendous scope for freeform
Can't say how, when, where I'll use these techniques, but I’m sure thrilled to learn something new!

This was lesson #1 – a basic knot. Eager to see what the future holds …

Z Many many thanks to Totus & Wendy  Z

happy knotting J   


  1. Wow, well done! I've also admired Totusmel's lace, but I'm not up for trying it at the moment.

  2. Well done on trying something new, I do like her work as yet I have not tried it but it's certainly something for the future.

  3. I have always wanted to try too, how brave you are. It looks great so far.

  4. Thanks, Jane, Margaret & Bernice :-) I was fun trying something new, yes ! And her video is very clear. The knotting went better with size 40 mercerised crochet cotton. I don't know how far I will take this, though.

  5. I too gave this a go last year and love it.

  6. I also admire the lace of TotusMel. This type of lace has much in common with Turkish needle lace Oya. I would love to learn this!

  7. Thanks Sue, Carollyn, & Lilas ! Totus Mel's video is superb to start learning. I've become a bit better with some more practice ;-P