Tuesday, 24 January 2017

bitter glitter pill

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Nineteenth Day of December Snowflake
Lene Björn

It was the last day of 2016 and  I was working against the clock to complete as much of the 24 snowflake challenge as possible. To save time choosinging colours and winding shuttles,  I used two half-loaded shuttles from my previous snowflake - white size 40. Remembered in time that Eliz had shared some notes on this snowflake. Thanks to her notes, I left a tiny picot (with paper clip) at the base of first ring. This is where the last ring would be attached before climbing out.
Notice that I did not start with 3 rings as per diagram; there is no need to. As Eliz pointed out, it changes the direction of the rings. So I started with SCMR with a single thrown ring throughout this round, ensuring symmetrical orientation of rings.
TIP : After closing each mock ring/SCMR, 1ushs (unflipped 2nd half stitch) was made. This is almost invisible, but secures and anchors the ring.
Like Eliz, I wasn’t successful in making the last split ring teardrop shaped as the rest of rings. I had wee bit more success later.

TWoT note : Round 1 is worked in clockwise direction using SH1. So the 5 SCMRs are made with SH1. But when we climb out using split rings, SH2 becomes the main shuttle for the new round. Thus, knowing which elements will require which shuttle, broadly helps us estimate the thread required in each shuttle, and also the colour play if 2 colours are used.
Techniques : 2 shuttles, starting with picot, mock ring (SCMR), split rings (SR), thrown rings (TR).
Measurements : worked in size 40 Anchor, white
Rnd 1 - 1" inner medallion of 6 outward-facing-rings & 2" for SCMR with TR.
Rnd 2 - 4½"  (3½" without TR)

Seeing others use it effectively, I've wanted to add glitter to one of the flakes, may be in multiple colours. What a disaster with the dense red in center ! Used only a sprinkling of silver for the rest. I used dry 'powder' over fabric glue (my self-adhesive glitter has all dried out !).

How do you apply glitter ?

happy tatting always :-)


  1. Looks like a great snowflake!!! :)
    You could probably add a little silver to the red center to "distract" from so much red together. Just a thought.

  2. Well, the glitter might not have worked, but the rest is very successful! How about using a salt shaker to apply glitter? I haven't tried it, but in theory....

  3. Hmmm... I've never added glitter to my tatting. Although I love glittery objects, I'm not much for playing with the actual glitter. Give me sequins and beads! ;-)

  4. Thank you so much everybody ! You are all too kind :-)

    Sue, I do have a bit of silver there, but it doesn't show much :-( After reading your suggestion I tried to scrape off some of the red glitter, but it wouldn't budge !

    Jane, love your idea ! In future, I could use a sieve, like when dusting icing over a cake ?!

    Diane, this entire challenge was meant as an experiment (for me), so why not glitter ;-P