Monday, 30 January 2017

beady-eyed but dim

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playing with beads and lace
I’m getting better at stringing beads ! So playing is much more fun now. OTC homework for Jan 2017.
(or Bugle Bead Star)
Ninetta Caruso
Ninetta’s brilliance has always been apparent in her tatting, lacework, designing, and innovation ! Little surprise to see another winner from her.

Materials : 2 shuttles, size 20 Anchor 4054-0241 ; 72 glass bugle beads 5mm from Itsy-Bitsy
Techniques : working with beads, block tatting, reverse stitch (for block tatting and for split rings), split chain.
Dimensions : Rnd 1 – 1⅜” ; Rnd 2 – 2¼” ; Rnd 3 – 3½”  all tatted in one pass.

The video is excellent and really helps. The written pattern could’ve been better, though the images help.
Unfortunately, these are the only bugle beads I have on hand – not as shimmering, but good quality with hardly any jagged edged or broken ones.
TIP : My quick way of choosing similar sized beads – arrange along the edge of a flat-bottomed lid as seen in collage above!
After the first block, I followed my own way, using 2 same half stitches as a riser. The difference is noticeable (see below).

So you think the beads and thread are dull and dim? Wait till you see how dim I am ....
In this inverted V arrangement (Ù) of Round 1, notice how the thread goes under the bugle bead on the left and over the bead on the right arm ? I liked the shadowy effect and deliberately went with it, thinking I will do the same for the split rings in next round. BUT the thread Has to remain Above the bead for following reasons :
Ø      Bead count in shuttles goes awry
Ø      Joining to it in next round is slightly tricky because the picot can turn downwards.
Ø      More importantly, in split rings, the thread just bunches together when trying to close the ring !!!
I fell in love with the pattern at first glance and the tatting was equally fun !

3D Beaded Flower Earrings
Jane Eborall
Now this was undoubtedly an interesting piece when I saw it on Jane’s blog
But at the time I skirted around beads. With Georgia taking it up for the Online Tatting Class this week, I had a go at it. These are listed as Palmetto 3D Earrings here and are sewn up as a brooch here .
Pretty quick and easy. I loved the green calyx shape (sorry, no pic)! One can start the calyx as a mock ring with thrown center ring, too, but it is not required. I like it just as it is. 
I did not, however, add a bead between 2 petals, preferring to join to plain picot, and keeping the petals inside the hollow calyx. I like layered effect in tatting.

Materials : size 20 Anchor 4054-0241 green and 4054-020 maroon ;
Bead Craft emerald green seed beads – 5 ;
Bead Craft golden yellow seed beads – 36 ;
Gold beads size 9 – 5
Pearl bead cream size 3 (10mm) – 1 for inner center
Pearl bead size 6 – 1 for outside.

The finished flower measures just about ½” !
A clever design that makes the beads look like another round of petals, adding interest & texture ! Bead placement can be customized to create different looks. Hence beads in diagrams and tatted models may vary slightly.

This was a fun project and a good one to clear shuttles. I like the look of it as a little tree ornament.


{ Many thanks to Ninetta & Jane for sharing their brilliance with us  {

{{Happy tatting and come join us in The Online Tatting Class{{


  1. You're clearly getting the hang of beads! My bugle beads are rather uneven too, so I will use your tip and line them up. I do want to tat Ninetta's motif some time.

    1. dipping the thread tip in, or coating it with, clear nail enamel has done the trick, Jane :-D Now it is fairly easy to pick the bead on the thread directly. Your Maltese sunflower is in line, too, for a long time!

  2. Awesome snowflake!!! :)
    Great flower!! :)

    1. Sue, thank you so very much for all your comments - in my previous posts, too. You are a great cheer leader :-)

  3. I'm in love with the flower and I must have miss that post. I thinking the first is also lovely and reminds me of block tatting but it's beads. 😄

    1. I'm glad these pleased you, Margaret :-) And you guessed right - it is block-tatting with beads !

    2. oops, sorry, don't know where my brain was, Carollyn!

  4. I often learn from your insightful comments. And, of course, I love to see your beautiful tatting.

    1. Such a sweet comment, Linda ! Thanks so much :-)
      I want to get in touch with you , StringyDogs (I sent you a PM on Craftree seekig permission, but doubt you go there often). Could you email me, please ?

  5. I have Ninetta snowflake on my to do list, I like your suggestion of lining up tge beads before you start so they are all the same size great idea. Beautiful tatting love the colours

  6. I love how you dissect a project and then stitch by stitch explain the process to get it back together again. Your flower invites us all to take a go at it, and your exercise with bugle beads is equally delightful to read and enjoy.

  7. Margaret, Ninetta had pointed out the discrepancies in bugle beads. I merely used a 'simpler-to-me' method of sorting. Glad you liked the colours & tatting :-)

    (((Ninetta))) What next ;-P

    What a wonderful way to put it, Bernice ! Thank you so very much :-)