Thursday, 19 January 2017

skirting the issue

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Tat It And See 2017
Jane Eborall

Days 2 to 4 of Jane’s fun guessTATting game - TIAS!

Tweedle dum or tweedle dee 
whichever will it be ??? 
A lady's skirt or a cart wheeled,
Jane, our brain is a-twiddle !!! 

Jane’s pdf urls are as interesting as her pattern bits. Day 2 was “twiddle your brain” ! It got well and truly twiddled . The top looks like the start of a skirt or gown but turn it over and it could be a wheel !
Day 3 – no guess. Totally stumped. I know she intends to return to the horizontal rings, attaching to the small picots there. But ….

Day 4 – I’m back to my skirt/gown guess ! Yes, we need to attend the TIAS ball that Jane will throw for her followers ;-P And it’s going to be gorgeous dress with those flowing Z chains !

Z Chain :  From what I understood,
the 8 stitches in Z chain pattern represent (1ds,1rs)x8 
where ds is the normal stitch, and rs is the unflipped stitch
Double stitch : 1ds = (1fhs,1shs)

Reverse stitch : 1rs = (1ushs,1ufhs)

Also, I had to make a lock join at the band ring (on the way 'up') , but a normal picot join on the solitary ring at base. Hope it is fine.
btw, Day 4 url has this 'up the khyber' ! It is a dark tunnel through this guesswork mountain !

!happy tatting "
slowly she weaves her enchanting web 

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  1. I was having trouble leaving a comment and glad it is fixed. Your TIAS looks great and Perfect stitching too I am at a loss for what it will become but can't wait till the next one :)

    1. Thanks, Carollyn 💗 My guess is a lady in a gown with these chains making the drape/pleats 😁

  2. I understood you had to do a whole stitch flipped and then a whole stitch unflipped, otherwise it's a lock chain?

    1. Absolutely, Jane !
      If you've done a Victorian set or node stitch, then the Z chain is a complete stitch version instead of half stitch nodes.
      And when we increase the Z chain from (1ds,1rs) repeats to say (3ds,3rs) repeats, then the zigzag nature is far more visible.
      In the Chains in Shuttle Tatting link in my post, you will find links to all tutorials.

  3. But then, what is the one bead for in this part?
    I am totally stumped.

    1. Tim, I'm guessing it might be the lady's head or maybe a brooch .
      Well, that's the fun in this game - we love to be wrong as much as right :-D
      But I do like the hot air balloon idea somebody floated !
      It kind of also looks like a large butterfly, but I'm sure Jane won't be doing something that simple and done earlier.

  4. Muskaan, thank you for the explanation of ZCh on day 4.
    It's really help me.

    1. Annie, you are most welcome :-) Glad to see you joined in the TIAS fun