Saturday, 28 January 2017

Days of my life

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Day 12 snowflake and Day 6 TIAS (and Day 7 to come) ... it's all about tatting !

Twelfth Day of December Snowflake
Lene Björn

When the chains, and colour for last round, didn’t work out, I left the piece and started a new one, experimenting with a different route this time.

What I wanted :

  • Ring spokes highlighted in a different colour
  • Rings in the spokes facing outwards
  • No colour blips in the chain.
Mock rings to the rescue. Picot space held in place by paper clips, to be joined on the way down.
Mock rings are simply chains joined back on themselves or at points to create a ring-like effect.
The mock rings are quite longish. Later, while blocking, a tug at each ring brought it back to a better shape.

I started with single shuttle, making the copper ring medallion, then joined yellow thread for chains in the next round.
This chain round would have mock rings thrown off. So, following my discovery in the poinsettia flake, I left a short length of yellow (seen going down near the blue clip in the previous pic) as CTM to use as core thread, on which the chain stitches would be worked, encapsulating the shuttle 1 copper thread within. When the 'thrown off' mock rings were needed, I pulled out the SH2 yellow to act as core and copper for the stitches. Partially successful.

The rest went quickly – long chains joined at base with lock join, and across mock rings with a crossover/ over-under / alligator join.
I used a picot gauge for the last round.

The partial one (in size 40 Anchor white & Lizbeth) measured 2¾” and this one is 2½ upto the same round !
So, I’ve been working with size 50 and didn’t know it ! No wonder, I couldn’t see the threads easily.
Techniques : mock rings, picot on core thread, encapsulation, alligator join, lock join, picot gauge
Measurement : 3¾” in size 50 Anchor Mercer (0302 – yellow  ; 0896 – copper) 

Tat It And See 2017 - DAY 6
Jane Eborall

Day 6 and awaiting Day 7 later in the day.
It could still be a butterfly, a wagon, a horse, and of course a gown. Clueless as ever :-D
Whatever it is, though, I like the look so far - nice shape and effect.

Oh, Great news !!! Remember when I bought the 3 Lizbeth balls at that exorbitant cost? Well, yesterday, they refunded about 10% - export duty overcharged ! Yippeee, now I can buy some more - restores one's faith and happy days ;-P 

 so it’s happy tatting … what better way to spend our days


  1. I'm glad you got a bit back on your thread! Your colour use makes all the difference to highlight the design. Very effective.

    1. These colours do go well together and the pictures taken outdoors capture the vibrancy too ! Thanks Jane :-)

  2. I am glad you got a rebate on your thread, all these duty a on thread add up and makes anything made with the thread even more expressive.
    I am surprised you did the rings on this snowflake before the chains, although I love your colour way, I made the snowflake in one pass doing the rings off the chains as I went around.

    1. The rebate - out of the blue- was like finding some forgotten money in an old purse or book !
      Margaret, I chose this method to avoid SLT for each thrown ring which is a different colour than the chain. I'm either flaky or have tons of time in my day ;-P

  3. You are too kind, dear Sue & Anetta :-) Hugs