Tuesday, 24 January 2017

logically speaking

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logically speaking, the TIAS clues should reveal the identity.

Tat It And See 2017 - DAY 5
Jane Eborall

Now here are some clues that I could spot, based on Jane's introduction and the 5 links released so far ...

'" Variegated thread would work well " .
Narrows down the field to critters such as butterfly, bird, moth, sea creatures ;
Garments – gowns for a lady, dancer, dandy ;
Dolls, toys, action figures (is that a cape?), kites, hot air balloon (I love that guess), cage, carriage/cart, sail of a ship (but a sail boat has been done!) could be some possibilities.
On the outside, it could probably work for a decorated horse, elephant or a uniform.

'Pattern calls for a single size 11 bead !
Okay, it could be an eye for some being in profile.
It could be a brooch for a gown.
It could be a nut/screw for some appliance (remember the button in her 2015 scissor TIAS?).

'Alligator join .
Clearly there's a crossover entailed sometime, somewhere ! But when, where ?!

'In one of our convos,  Jane mentioned how only the zigzag chain fulfilled the desired effect she was after.
Hmmm, doesn’t lead me anywhere still.

'After Day 5, a beautiful butterfly does seem to emerge. But it reminds me of a butterfly from one of the workshops that used various decorative chains. So, I think this is simply a ‘day guess’.
At this stage I do see a butterfly in profile, with one beaded eye, and 2 overlapping wings (that’s where the alligator join comes in – to cross over the head).

'The picots show where future elements will be attached, and could give some clue to the pathway. All the more confusing now !

To date, my guesswork includes
A lady in a gown attending a ball
A bullock cart or carriage  may be an old style carnival cart with those canvas covers
A butterfly in profile, which might even have 2 overlapping wings.

Logically speaking, I’m still clueless ;-P  "

But I am thoroughly enjoying the creative guesswork accompanying some gorgeous pictures by other participants. So let’s just tat along, leaving all logic behind to have fun !



  1. What fun we are having, I think you covered everything, this way you can say you guess it first😄

  2. Ah, but Jane is very sneaky with her clues!

  3. Butterfly is what I thought at first too. Now I have no idea. I'm still trying to figure out the bead.

    1. It does look like one, Tim, but I have serious doubts, knowing Jane ;-) I'm veering more towards Claire de lune's horse - the zigzag chains are reins and bead could be for eye. Stumped for sure !