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heartland rainbow pattern

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Snowflake #20B in Land of Laces’ 25 Snowflake Project 

Here is the pattern for 2nd version, including instructions for tatting in one pass. The entire pattern is given even though round1 is similar so you won’t have to go back and forth between the 2 versions.

Heartland Snowflake patterns
Version 2 – Rainbow
I wanted to enclose only rainbow hearts, leaving the rest white. It alludes to the spectrum components of white light, but also has an inclusive symbolism, hence I wanted only the heart shape & colours to be pronounced in the outer round. However, you can choose to work this exactly as the basic pattern I shared here (with SSSR).

And just like version 1, this rainbow coloured snowflake can Also be tatted continuously - make the desired colour stitches using scrap lengths of threads. These alternate instructions are in coloured italics.

Choose your favourite method of making Dimpled Rings for the hearts. I chose Sue Hanson’s method (Method 2), also called Dimpled Yorkie. I find it is an Excellent method to keep the bilateral symmetry of even large rings and facilitate smooth closure. It is now my go-to method.

Abbreviations/Notations, in order of appearance.
ctm = continuous thread ; dRing = dimpled ring ; vsp = very small picot ; sp = small picot ; p or - = picot ; + = join ; rw = reverse work ; ch = chain ; -- = long picot ; SS = switch shuttle ; R = ring ; MP = mock picot ; SCMR = self closing mock ring ; Drop/down/downward/paperclip picot 

Round 1 - ball and shuttle, continuous thread. (white)
2 shuttles, ctm, if working continuously
[ dRing1: 6 vsp 7 p 2 sp 3 + 2 + 7 vsp 6. , rw
ch: 5, rw. ] x 6
In order to climb out, tat last chain as a split chain, then climb out with a
split dimpled ring : 6 vsp 7 p 2 sp 3 + 2 / 7 + 6. Continue to Round 2, leaving mock picot space

You can add decorative picots to the chains as in the basic version.

Note: Rainbow in Round 1 :  The hearts in this round can be colourful, too, by working each dimpled ring as a mock ring. Join the desired colour at the beginning of a SCMR. The core thread will remain white, while the stitches will be in colour. Tat the dRing as per pattern and close SCMR. Continue chain with both white threads, hiding the coloured tail within the chain. Similarly do next dRing in 2nd colour, and so on. Very short lengths of coloured threads are required.

Adding new thread on a chain (knotless method) & Magic Thread Trick (MTT) -

Individual Heart – single shuttle only.
dRing1: 4 sp 2 sp 10 sp 5 + 10 sp 2 sp 4.
Make 6 such motifs in spectrum colours.
This step is omitted if working continuously.

TIP : In order to avoid sewing in ends, here’s how I did each heart (see pics above):
Tat over the starting tail, BUT leave a little loop at the start. Complete the dRing and close. Pass end tail through the tiny loop. Tug the starting tail end, making the loop disappear. The end tail can now be tatted over when it is joined to the main snowflake. No ends to sew! Or use Magic Thread Trick.

Round 2 - 2 shuttles,  ctm.
Join to center of any inner heart.
Ch: 10, SS. Leave bare thread space for a mock picot before starting R.
R: 6 -- 6. SS
[ Ch: 8 lj(heart) 2 lj 4 SS
SCMR: 6 -- 6. * SS
Ch: 4 lj(heart) 2 lj 8 , SS
R : 6 -- 6. MP, SS
Ch: 10 lj to next inner heart, 10 lj(MP) ] x 6
For last motif/repeat, make only 10ds chain and join to inner heart. Tie & cut.
Note: the mock picot is asymmetrical, so that when adjacent chains are attached to it, the ring appears to be in the middle.

* the end tail of heart can be hidden under the SCMR stitches to avoid sewing.
If you have already sewn/hidden the end tail, continue chain & SCMR without any join to base of heart. With 2 joins on either side, it is secure.

For continuous tatting, proceed as above :
[ Ch: 8, drop picot, 2, drop picot, 4. rw
dRing worked as SCMR and colour thread used to make the stitches: 4 +(drop picot) 2 +(drop picot) 10 sp 5 + 10 sp 2 sp 4. rw, SS
R: 6 – 6. SS
Ch: 4 + 2 + 8, SS. …..
Continue as per above pattern

 A few tidbits during the trials and tatting. It wasn’t a bad run!

All 3 snowflakes layered to show comparative size.
The pink in Anchor 20 is <10cms. >5cms as hexagon side.
The white rainbow in Anchor Pearl cotton 8 is 9½cms. 4½cms as hexagon side.
The red in Anchor 40 is 7cms. ~4cms as hexagon side.

Hubby liked this rainbow version very very much. And he has set a task for anybody willing to take it up – Increase the arms to 7 to include the missing indigo heart, and 8 to include a white one as well. Anybody?

I would really like to make the inner round with SCMR rainbow hearts too.


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