Saturday, 7 December 2019

hidden treasures

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I can’t explain the feeling. I have tatted patterns shared online, making coloured versions or with other tweaks/techniques. Some morphed into adaptations. Something similar is now happening with my patterns! It is so gratifying to see tatters enjoying a pattern, a design so much and exploring new avenues through it.

When creating a pattern, one keeps thinking of ‘what if…’, but there are limitations to how much I do myself. Then I get to see those or newer ideas being implemented on the original and I am thrilled!

Of the patterns I've shared so far in 25 snowflake project, Hidden Rose snowflake is one of the more popular ones. Some have attested to becoming ‘addicted’ to it – making more than 4, 5, 6,….! Playing with it! 
With due permission, I am posting only a few pics to showcase some of their ideas - some pics were sent privately, others were on facebook. In chronological order

Anita Barry immediately converted it into a heart!

Elisabetta de Napoli tatted the entire flake with metallic thread.

Jeanie Schekel quickly belted out SIX 2-coloured beauties and even ‘taught’ it to her group. They had some difficulty with the direction, which I can totally understand. When this project is over, I intend to tat the flake again so that it moves in clockwise direction instead of counterclockwise, and post those instructions.

Jean Gordon is on her FOURTH flake, determined to make it perfect and send out as gifts.

And the piece de resistance …

Krystyna Mura made several (and has a half page of notes for tweaks/ideas!). Of those, this one holds a very special place in my heart. She wove in gold thread in the center to reflect the gold-plated rose I showed you!
She went further to make these single rose buds as jewellery for her daughter.
Aren’t they the cutest! I couldn’t have done such a great job.

There are many more tatters who uploaded their beautiful work on facebook (or in respective blogs) – many of them can be found in my timeline or in one of the fb tatting groups, or by typing Hidden Rose Snowflake.
If you have made any of my patterns and wish to have it posted in my blog, please do not hesitate to tell me. 

Silver Linings snowflakes
Before I forget yet again, I condensed the 4 pages of Silver Linings snowflakes into 1 single page, and added a legend and some more info. I had already updated the post. But here’s the new link to the single page.

Keep them coming, tatters, and thanks for your interest ! 
And time for the 21st snowflake …stay tuned !


  1. Awesome!!! :)
    I have told you that you are an inspiration and this proves it!! :) Thanks for inspiring us!!! :)

    1. You are wonderfully sweet and encouraging, dear Sue 😍💕🌹💕

  2. They are all SO exhilarating & radiant. Wish could see more.

    1. So true, Jean :-))) Even on facebook, not all of them show up. But if you click on my timeline link &/or use the search words, you should be able to see a few more.

  3. That’s fantastic! I know writing patterns and sharing isn’t easy, but this certainly shows it’s worthwhile. Good for you.

    1. That's an excellent perspective, Jane :-)) Must make more of an effort now ;-D

  4. Your patterns are always beautiful and gorgeous and its nice to know that so many tatters appreciate them and want to tat them. I just cant keep up with you

    1. I can't keep up, myself, Margaret ;-D There are so many new things happening that I'd to try, but ...
      I'm glad this project can be declared successful as far as designing is concerned :-)

  5. Thank you so much for all your kind words! <3 I'm in seventh heaven you like my idea! :-)))))))
    Krystyna Mura

    1. Krystyna, everybody likes your idea and execution - it is beautiful. And thank you for sharing the pattern, as well - very nicely presented. I'm sure there will be lots of little roses next Valentines :-D