Wednesday, 25 April 2018

butterfly invasion !

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Remember my 2nd round design for the round robin where I discovered butterflies? Well, it got me thinking of edging possibilities which further led to a veritable butterfly invasion - of the happy kind :-) I used that same motif for the "make me pretty" challenge. Sharing some more of that happiness with you.

Butterfly Edging/Insertion
and off-shoots ! 
I will convert this into a composite pdf once I have tatted all models.
This card is not complete. Will share more eventually ...

A versatile pattern. Single butterfly motifs can be tatted separately to empty shuttles. The straight edging with alternating butterfly and flower motifs can also work as an insertion. It can turn the corner on either side with butterflies facing inward or outward. 2 Square motifs can be derived from these.

Techniques : 2 shuttle tatting, split ring, decorative picots.
Dimensions :Tatted model (maroon) is worked in Anchor size 40. Width – 1.5cms; 4 motif repeats are 9cms long. Each corner is 1cm long.


2 shuttles wound CTM.
Butterfly :
A-Ring : 6 vsp 10. rw
B-Chain: 6 - 8 – 3. rw
C-Ring : 4 + (to vsp) 8 – 10 – 2. dnrw
D-Ring : 2 + (to C) 10 – 8 vsp 4. rw
E-Chain: 3 + (to B) 8 – 6. rw
F-Ring : 10 + (to vsp) 6.
Flower :
G- Split ring : 1 – 1 –- 1 – 1 / 1 – 1 -– 1 – 1. (6 picots)

This completes one motif. Repeat from A to G for desired length.

End with a butterfly motif and work the corner with 3 flower motifs as follows -

To turn corner (to the left/upward):
SR1: 1 (– 1 –- 1)x2 - 1 / 1 (– 1 –- 1)x2 - 1. rw, Switch shuttle. (10 picots).
Ring2 : 1 (– 1 -- 1)x4 – 1. (9 picots). rw. SS
SR3 : same as SR1.
Join the next butterfly to the previous one (ie. Join C of new butterfly to D of previous one). This stabilises the corner.

Continue to follow pattern till end, joining back to the beginning.
Tie and cut. Hide ends.
Sew the edging to fabric or glue to cardstock for a framed greeting card.

It is the first time I’ve tried to block in this manner, with a grid paper below 
that thin plastic sheet. It really helped to keep the corners sharp and edges straight.

Notes :
  • All rings are tatted frontside, except for the corner-most ring (R2).
  • All picots are normal or decorative except where vsp (very small picot) is mentioned.
  • Overall, the edging moves from left to right.
  • In order to keep the edging/sides straight (and avoid twisting in case of long edgings), do not leave any space between butterfly and flower. Avoid gapsosis.
Since it was not to scale, I found it very difficult to diagram the corner. 
Hence I tatted a model in light colour and thick thread and notated instructions on it.

Suggested Variations :
Substitutions -
substitute floral picots for flowers for a layered effect ;
add seed beads instead of picots ;
add a pearl bead in center of each flower ring ;
substitute flower with large bead.
I hope to try some of these in my butterfly decorations.

This straight edging can easily be converted into a gently curved necklace by leaving a tiny bit of space between the butterflies and flowers. This will allow the edging to curve slightly.
This pic is of my trial and practice piece and you can see that it can easily be 
arranged in a curve without changing the pattern.
This is definitely on my to-tat list and I've already chosen the colour.


Turn the corner in the other direction – to the right/downward. Instead of 3 rings after the butterfly, we only work 1 single split ring as follows :
SR : 1 – 1 –- 1 – 1 -– 1 – 1 -– 1 – 1 / 1 . (7 picots)
Then continue with next butterfly, joining to the nearest free picot of previous butterfly.

Here’s a collage of more ideas clockwise from top left -
Doesn’t this give a sense of a possible crown? An outer round to bring it together and give proper shape?
Turn it over and is can be a pendant with beads and a teardrop !

2 square motifs (blue is a trial piece) when the corner is turned to the right. These can be joined together either at their tips or along their sides for a larger fabric.

In case you detect any errors or if there is any confusion, do let me know so that I can make the changes in the pdf.

make me pretty butterflies are slowly starting to fly in. What wondrous joy !!! So if you haven't, get right down to it and send me the pics or your posted link. I would love to share them in a future post. 
I still want to keep my own butterfly samples a secret for now so as not to corrupt any ideas ;-P

happy tatting always J


  1. Makes a lovely butterfly edging.

  2. Cudne motyle,dziękuję za podzielenie się wzorem 😘😘
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

    1. Dziękuję Ci, Maryla. Mam nadzieję, że Ci się spodoba :-))

  3. I will admit, I had three false starts trying to make the butterfly and in the end the chains were overlapping because I tried to make the adjacent rings bigger. I will try again though. The edging is very nice, I really like the corner idea, simple and effective.

    1. It took me quite a few trials to settle on this stitchcount ratio. I, too, would've preferred the rings a bit larger and projecting outwards a bit more, Lavi, but my designing skills are not up to that level yet ;-D Thanks for trying though :-))

  4. Love the edging, many thanks for sharing this lovely pattern :-)

  5. Wonderful pattern thanks for sharing ❤ I really love the way you turned the corner with this top one🌹 it is a beautiful design and always refreshing to see a square shape or sharp corner 😍

  6. Beautiful butterflies and nice pattern:)

  7. Ninetta, it would look lovelier with your 3D version :-)))

    Carollyn, I'm glad you like the corner - I wanted to keep it simple, focusing on the butterfly motif.

    Thanks, Anetta :-))

  8. Love the edging, I am stuck with Fox's doily at the moment which should be finished this weekend then onto perhaps your butterfly before starting something new

    1. I'll be waiting to see your butterfly fly by, Margaret :-D

  9. I love the way you've done your corners! I wonder how this would look as a hanky edging? Maybe I'll give it a try!

    1. In blue, Diane ;-D ? I'd love to see you work it.
      If I cannot come up with another edging pattern in the next few months, then I'll be using this pattern for my MIL's hanky. This card is also for her.

  10. What a pretty invasion! Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern :)

  11. I particularly like the "picture frame" edging...