Monday, 30 April 2018

I’ve got you covered!

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And just in time, phew!!! What an exciting range of projects to start off this month’s task of covering a cabone ring. I want to make each and every one of them someday. It was Renata’s turn to choose this time – Summer in Circle.
This is my April submission for 'I Love Tatting'

Royal Wave Bangle
 with free pattern directions

I didn’t have any hollow ring except for my loads of now neglected bangles which are unfortunately all circular. And I wasn’t confident with a glass bangle, so went with this metallic one despite the golden knobs projecting along the circumference. They made covering it more difficult and despite my diligence, the green peeps out at places.

Turns out I’d forgotten and had to consult tutorials on cabone tatting. This was a good refresher after my first bangle
But this time I wanted to use 2 colours alternately as a personal challenge. I chose thread colours to complement the lovely beads Usha sent me. These are vintage threads and closer to a size 50 or finer than the Anchor size 40 they claim to be ;-P

TIP : The thread not in use is encapsulated/hidden within the visible colour. The trick is simple. Keep the ‘not-in-use’ shuttle dangling and encapsulation becomes easy. The thread tends to stay alongside the bangle. Merely ensure that you pull the thread taut before switching colours.

I used scraps of the purple thread and had to join new thread at least 3 times, using a simple weaver’s knot and then encapsulating all tails within the next few stitches. This tiny knot is not visible.

Basic Pattern is simple and can be adjusted to any bangle size. I didn't have any specific pattern in mind - just let my shuttles take the lead.

Round 1 - covering the bangle (cabone tatting)
ROUND 1 : 2 shuttles each with different colour
2 vsp 4 vsp 2, switch colour and repeat, till end.
Carry the previous colour along the bangle, encapsulated within the stitches.
I ended up with 18 repeats of each colour.

Round 2A - Rollicking Waves - overlapping/interlaced chains 
ROUND 2ARollicking Waves
Next I strung beads to the 2 balls and joined these to the 2 shuttles to continue the next round. This round is all chains with beads on picots. Chains are interlaced/overlapping, so before making a lock join, ensure the threads are in the right position.
Chain1 : 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2. switch shuttle.
Start next chain behind.
Chain2 : 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2. SS
Lock join Chain1 to nearest picot, and Chain2 to next picot, ensuring the under/over overlap.
Repeat to end.
Round 2B - Frolicking Waves- undulating, overlapping chains 
ROUND 2BFrolicking Waves
I tried something different ¾th of the way around to change the shape of the 'waves'. Made the chains longer and twirled them around the bangle, joining to a picot above. The overlap continued as before.
There are between 6-8 beads in each chain before joining. And both shuttle & ball need to be passed through the bangle.

Finished off with 2 strings of beads and a teardrop at the end.

Hubby was rolling his eyes when I was choosing a bangle, wondering what I’m going to do with them after so many years - I stopped wearing them ages ago but still have a huge stash. Gradually, as the tatting started taking shape (including the simple covering without beads), he was all excited and ideated… how I could make earrings, and so on. Yeah, he’s finally ‘getting’ tatting – I’ve got him covered ;-P

I can’t thank Usha enough for her lovely seed beads. They are a delight to work with!

Do check out the beautiful projects (and tutorial links) lined up for
Thank you Renata, for another inspiring challenge :-)

tatting brings in joyful waves of creativity and togetherness


  1. Beauty beauty beauty!!!! What a fantastic transformation of the bangles. You are brilliant in choosing the right colours of threads to match the beads Muskaan �� Really happy to see the rocking waves (creativity)��

    1. Thanks, Usha :-) You sent me such pretty beads (fabulous colours) that I had to do them justice ;-P Glad you like these waves

  2. Great fun. Covering a ring is something I’ve meant to try but never got around to.

  3. Amazing work. Very nice idea, and the frolicking waves are the best. Great. Hugs Justyna 😊

  4. Beautiful work and a great pattern- very original bracelet :)

  5. Such creative ideas! Your tatting is beautiful and I am inspired by your bangles.

  6. I'm finally proud of my beaded tatting as well ;-P Thank you so much for your support and comments.
    Steph, that will be the day when I inspire you !! But I did send a pic to Nina :-D

  7. Przepiękna praca i bardzo ładnie dobrane kolorki:-)
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko:-)

  8. Great use for your old bangles! Your design looks very happy! :)

  9. Great use of a bangle that has not been worn for a long time,
    Love your design and the colours beautiful

  10. Thank you so much karolina, Lavi, Margaret & Sue :-)))