Saturday, 12 May 2018

not The One but

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…. oh so many pretties from the friendly tatting neighbourhood.

That one butterfly we were hoping would emerge from the pot, did not. But several tatters accepted my invitation to make a butterfly pretty. I received some pics while others have blogged. I’m so excited to display their talents and uniqueness!!!

The different colours, beads, techniques, effects - 
I am quite overwhelmed with the beautification process and creativeness.
Read on for more versions (click on respective name for the blog link to their post)

In chronological order of flying in….

We frequently exchange pics of our work or chat about our current project. When I showed Anita Barry my DIP (design-in-progress) pic of cream butterflies, she was inspired to tat a single butterfly before I even shared the pattern. She used dot picot antennae and her own stitch count (which she even diagrammed and sent me).
I like how the span of the top wings spreads wider & the little extra chain in center creates a kind of torso. Overall a much better shape than mine.

Denise Wessman sent in 3 almost as soon as the pattern was posted! Well, she is Mme Butterfly/Papillon – flitting enthusiastically from one project to another inspiring everyone around her! Wish I could keep pace with her activities.
Don’t the 3 beads look cute; and what a pleasant colourway.

It came as a pleasant surprise when Wally Sosa shared her version during the online class. Excellent placement of beads especially inside the wings – something I would like to imitate. Forgot to ask, but this looks like needle tatting? 

Ninetta Caruso blogged her ethereal version here. Such lovely colours and she also added a very realistic looking venetian picot body making it 3D! The downward facing picots are an excellent touch. You must read the specifics on her blog, along with her other butterflies. 

Right on the tail of Nin’s butterfly, flew in Usha Shah’s interpretation with her trademark dot picots. Converting the chains into dot picot strings added a nice texture. Peachy!!!

Pretty soon I was viewing Jane McLellan’s sunshine version and graduated picots! And she rightly interpreted the double entendre of my post title - make me pretty please. Very happy – she always comes through for me.

And I can’t thank Lavi Damian-Boja enough. She struggled with the pattern, threw away many attempts, yet persevered. I'm so glad she did. A lovely blue beaded butterfly took wing! Read her post for a tip on how not to throw away a mistake.

A reminder - For a list of techniques, inspiration, and tutorials/resources, please check out Eliz Davis' incredible compilation - An Element-al Approach to Tatting Techniques.

UPDATE : Marja has prettied her butterfly with tons of picots, including downward picots.

For my prettified versions, click here.

My heartiest thanks to all who have participated and shared their versions. 
I hope more tatters join in the fun and show us their prettifications, 
whichever way it is read -

make me, pretty please !
make me pretty, please !


  1. It's interesting how one butterfly can appear in so many guises. Splendid!

    1. and it is a collective venture - icing on the cake, Jane :-)

  2. love them all, they are all siblings but different!

    1. cute way to put that - never thought of them as siblings, Ninetta ;-P

  3. The many different butterflies are really pretty. I like how everyone added their own touch and came up with unique versions. Wally Sosa's multiple beads in a ring idea is very interesting and it does look a bit like needle tatting (those are mock rings after all). Thanks for adding my version too :)

    1. Lavi, you are the only one I couldn't thank privately since I don't have your email address. I like your version, too, and am grateful you tried it :-)

      Wally has confirmed that it is shuttle tatting and the pink & orange centered beads were actually a case of mistaken identity - but the mix-up looks good & deliberate!

  4. I love this butterfly and how different it can work out,
    I have been away but I will get to make one soon

    1. I can't wait to see your version, Margaret :-)

  5. I too have enjoyed watching this event of butterfly creations take place ❤🦋❤

    1. Yes, it has been exciting, Carollyn. Hope you join in as well?