Monday, 21 May 2018

stabbing at tidbits

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A few small pieces, mistakes and all ….

Started with Lavi’s new Wheat Circle earrings. I miscalculated and made only 9 rings. 
Although I liked the small circle I wasn't happy with the teardrop suspension.
With my new bead-stabbing, I was enthusiastic to have another go. 
This time will all 12 rings and the teardrop pierced with a jump ring, 
then suspended on a double chain of beads. 
I also increased the number of seed beads on the bare thread. 
Much better but wish I’d stuck with the earlier shade of green thread.
Both worked in Anchor size 20

In between the two, I worked this long overdue Sunflower in Maltese Tatting by Jane McLellan. I need occasional refreshers for some of these techniques and this is such a pleasant project. But I had beads left – hmmm! Not that it shows much.
While blocking I deliberately went with angular petals and noticed one was way smaller 
– hey, that’s to give it a ‘natural’ look ;-P
Yellow is Anchor size 20 and black is size 40.

Lastly, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I wanted to see how Usha’s Charming Frills looked with beads. Had another stab at it. 
Oh and another reason was that in the last fringe row, I had made 2 CWJs in one picot (since it was not clearly specified at the time – the pdf has been updated now). I thought that was the reason my pendant was broader, with the stitches all neatly lined up.
As it turns out, the last row is a chain with alternate CWJ and double stitch, with long picots between each obviously.
The black beads in the center are in a diamond formation. For this I reduced one long picot 
(only 7 instead of 8 and following with multiples of 7 in subsequent rows).
Too late I noticed the threads were tied off at the wrong point (gap seen on left side)! 
I had worked the first pendant from the prototype while the pattern was still being polished for presentation. So I’m happy to have made it again as per the final.
Worked in Anchor size 20.

many thanks to Lavi, Jane, & Usha for sharing their lovely patterns

happily tatting always – beads and mistakes and all  ;-P


  1. Did you block the petals to make them angular? I can see you're doing good bead work now you have your stabber to hand!

    1. 3 pins to a petal, Jane, to block into that angular shape. I could barely see through all those pinheads ;-P
      The stabber has definitely made my life easy :-D

  2. Use of jump ring looks perfect in wheat circle. Loved the angular petals in sunflower. Beaded version of the pendant is just super! I admire your creativity in perfectly setting black beads in diamond shape in the center. Correcting the mistakes ..... lots of efforts Muskaan.

    1. I made the jump ring smaller so as not to be too obvious. I'm glad you liked your surprise, Usha :-D All's well that ends well ;-P

  3. Thank you for trying my pattern! :) You're right, a teardrop bead works well inside the circle. I really like the Charming Frills one too! Especially the beads in diamond formation. Oh btw, I missed your post on the stabbing. I myself use a big eye needle, which is very similar to the needle threader, but it is just the wires connected at both ends and is much longer. It holds a lot of beads and is pretty sturdy. And it is also fun to stab beads with it too :D

    1. Come to my arms, fellow stabber ! ;-D I'm getting quite a kick with this method now, Lavi. Happy to say the beads don't seem to mind.

  4. They all look great!! :) Mistakes?? I don't see any, just wonderful projects!! :)

  5. Thank you for another inspiring post! I'm glad you have worked out a method for using beads that suits you. I love adding beads to tatting! Now I'm off to tackle row 4 of a Frill.....

    1. Mel, I just Love your use of the Frill as a tassel !!! Excellent idea - now I know what to do with my pieces :-)

  6. It's all lovely. I don't know how I missed that sunflower by Jane, thank you

    1. If I remember correctly, Jane used these sunflowers in one of her food covers, Nin. A very cute & clever pattern :-)

  7. Replies
    1. I think the pendant looks nice on the mangalsutra, Alka :-)