Tuesday, 19 November 2019

swirl wave snowflake

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Snowflake #19 in Land of Laces’ 25 Snowflake Project

UPDATE : patterns for a small and large version of this snowflake shared here.

As I said in my previous post, my playbook started out differently with a square motif, and one of the plays led to the small, quick-tatting silver linings snowflakes. But the major strategy was yet to play out. And here it is now.

This collage encapsulates the entire design journey, excluding the silver linings flakes. 
The starting point - Square Wave motifs can be seen top center
To convert to snowflake, following changes were made (top left pic):
1. increase the points from 4 to 6,
2. convert the split rings into normal rings
3. add chains in the inner space to span the rings, and
4. shorten the chain between rings.

The outer round was similar to the original motif, but there was squishing (top right pic).

In the bottom right model, I tweaked the count, and added more rings to lengthen the arms for a more flaky look. But I was not happy – the center seemed too large & unstable, and the arms seemed too thin.

I asked for suggestions on facebook, but the majority liked it as it is. A few tatters made some very good suggestions, answering each of my questions. I tried them as well, rejecting those that did not work out or I did not like. You can see many little tweaks in the bottom left model.

In the center, against the blue background is the final version in Lizbeth size 20.

So what's the verdict now? Do you think this game is won or do you have any suggestions for improvement?

The central negative shape changed a bit when I added a joining picot (I really like the original, and it could be used in an ice drop), but there is still a small star/snowflake outline and overall it is stable, holding it’s shape.

It is made in one pass (2 rounds), using 2 shuttles with continuous thread. 
Although there is a (1 vsp 1) chain, I did not use a split chain to climb out. I'll explain next time.
I just realised that I still have to upload the square motif pattern. So the snowflake as well as motif patterns will be uploaded soon. 

I still have heaps of ideas for variations, one of which is to add picots along one side of the arms, to broaden the arms just a tad using asymmetrical split rings, and 3rd, which will change the look of the swirl center, but give me 12 arms...that might well become a 'new' flake! 
This flake can also be converted into a non-split ring design for those who dislike SRs, but the character might change a tad - the asymmetry might vanish - needs thinking...!

Many many thanks to all the facebook respondents –
it is precious to have such feedback and support !!!


  1. I so enjoy following you on your journey! I hope to wander down the same path soon....

    1. Excellent, Mel, more the merrier 😃💞❄

  2. Super projekt :)
    Ja zaczynam robić śnieżynki, chociaż nie potrzebuję więcej niż mam, ale muszę coś robić, może na prezent.
    Zapisuję sobie tę gwiazdkę i spróbuję ją wykonać.
    Pozdrawiam ciepło.

    1. Splocik, I actually don't 'need' any snowflakes, but tatting is so much fun 😄😄😄 I will upload the pattern within 2 days -there may also be a bonus smaller version ❄💞❄

  3. It's lovely and I like it as it is!

  4. Wow! It's a great snowflake and very unique!! :)
    Love seeing your design process!!!

  5. I always enjoy seeing how a design evolves. It’s a good reminder too of how much work goes in before a design is finalized.

    1. Thanks Jane 💕😍❄ And this is still not the whole of it -- many a times one simply snips off a portion, or retro-tats,... without taking pics of each little piece 😄

  6. Wow! I love the look. At first glance it's symmetrical, but then I find myself tilting my head to follow the pattern. I can picture this snowflake cartwheeling through the air! Lovely!

    1. Now I want to design one that can be called 'cartwheel snowflake' , Diane 😄 💞❄ I like the slightly swirling center, and to highlight it, I now have a smaller flake. Unfortunately, they all have split rings 😉

    2. I look forward to seeing a cartwheel snowflake! I'm willing to work with split rings... just not as often as I need to in order to perfect them! :-)

  7. Beautiful snowflake, I started one of yours today and will post as soon as i can

    1. Looking forward to it, Margaret :-)))) Thank you