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show-stopper or show-topper

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Lady with a Sunshade (3D)
Krystyna Mura has rolled out such a vast and enticing range of patterns from just ONE pattern that I cannot stop wondering whether this is a show-stopper or a show topper! And the following pics are only a glimpse of what more is in the pdf itself; not to mention some of the prototypes she sent in!

This is the original pattern #12 from Endrucks --- 
Sampler of Endrucks' n.12
She has provided samplers and diagrams for her modified versions, too. Her beaded version looks pretty as a cuff bracelet.

She extracted part of the motif to create a Bracelet with Coin Beads, a single repeat of which gives us this medallion ---

The lower part of the original pattern/edging is quite a common motif used to make the skirts and gowns of Crinoline ladies and angels. I wonder who was the original designer? Any ideas? Or was it Frau Endrucks?
Anyways, Krystyna has used the same motif to design so many girls, ladies, and angels (and also one boy!) - both 2D and 3D, that it will take a while for them to walk down the ramp! Here are 2 of them (besides the lead pic) --- 
Girl in Shades of Blue
Christmas Angel (3D)
Speaking of Christmas, she has also derived numerous motifs, stars, ice drop, and a miniature tree, all worked in one pass and ideal for cards and decoration ---
Christmas-time Stars

And then there's music in geometry! Check out her sets starting from a Terzet through to 3 types of Sextets ---
Flowery Sextet

The world of animals and insects hasn't been forgotten be it the Bat and Butterfly in 2D, and a Peacock and Bird in 3D ---

Butterflies need nectar, hence flowers cannot be far behind! She shares the pattern for a Garden Cosmos (2D). In her gallery she showcases a 3D Pumpkin along with the following beauties --- 
Daffodil (3D)

Poppy (3D)

The amazing part is that most of her adaptations, whether flat or dimensional, are worked in one pass unless you want a speck of colour to highlight something. A case in point is this gorgeous doily below ---
Ball at the Royal Court Doily
She displays 2 more doilies, tatted in one pass. And she has promised me that she will be sharing the patterns! Can't wait to get started on them!

You can download the pdf here - Endrucks pattern #12 reworked and adapted by Krystyna Mura -

Diagrams are colour-coded, self-explanatory and clear, depicting the count and sequence. What I love is how she boxed in the repeat sequence. You know how the starting (and/or final) motif in an edging is often different from the subsequent or middle repeats due to joins, etc. Her diagram highlights this without the need for text.
Personally, this is all I need – a good pic of the tatted model alongside these excellent diagrams – and no written pattern!
Krystyna also adds in a few effect/technique pics and tips/notes to explain her method of working.
The pdf is like a perfect booklet to keep us busy and happily engaged for a long time.

Did you notice the little leaf in the daffodil and the Bat ears? An odd and unique shape, don't you think?
Well, this is Krystyna's adaptation of a dimple ring which she calls 'leaflike ring'.
Although she explains it in the pattern pdf, on my request she graciously prepared a separate tutorial pdf. 
Click on the link for Leaflike Rings tutorial pdf -

Tremendously Incredible work by this enormously talented and generous lady! I have still to detect how and where she extracted a few of the motifs for her ginormous adaptations! And she promises to share more of the patterns for her adaptations!

Scroll through the pattern #12 pdf and tell us which model you like best.

Find all pattern pdfs in the Endrucks 1920 Project document here -
And if you tat any pattern from this Endrucks' collection, we welcome you to join our Facebook group!

                                      Many many thanks, Krystyna ....                                       
words fail me for all the wonderful effort you have put in!


  1. Oh wow, wonderful work. Stunning what has been derived from one pattern. Congratulations Krystyna.

    1. She's a genius, Jane! 😍

    2. Echo that!! These are marvellous!! Thank you.

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!! I went and check out the PDF and all the amazing things she tatted!!! WOW doesn't cover it!!! ;)

    1. Exactly, Sue, leaves one speechless 😍

  3. This is out of this world awesome.... Can these be done with needle tatting... That is what I learned..

    1. Yes, Ken, everything a shuttle can do, a needle can. There are several excellent resources that show how to 'convert' or 'read' a shuttle pattern for needle tatting. I have a list in the Tatting Resources tab above.
      If you know Lock Join and Floating or thrown rings, the rest is simple chains and rings.
      Happy tatting 😍

  4. Wow! Words cannot express how creative and wonderful all her work is!

  5. Wow that is some fabulous work, I love her christmas angels, she really is a brilliant tatter.
    I feel she has put me to shame I have been too ill to even do any tatting and my ideas are still on the drawing broads so to speak

    1. Margaret, hope you get well soon 💝.... and you will then be able to get back to tatting and creating in full force 😍 I barely get time myself to tat - it in fits and starts due to time-consuming health management.
      Don't erase rhe drawing boards, though 😁

    2. Thanks I hope this will go soon, the heart wants to tat but the body is lacking strength and energy

    3. I can totally understand, Margaret.... I've been in a similar boat for over a year now..... tatting in fits and starts. 💝💝💝

  6. Stunning work! I'm so thankful you collaborate with so many wonderful tatters!!

    1. This Project has certainly brought together several talented tatters, Mel, and it has been wonderful meeting them 😍