Monday, 20 June 2022

bag a gift

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....or gift a bag!

What's happening here?! I'm bonkers for sure. I left you with 3 motifs extracted from Endrucks' pattern #37, joined to form a multi-use ornament here -
The beads were all snipped off and when I joined the 4th motif, this is what happened --- a gift bag!
4 motifs joined tip to tip. Then beaded strings brought the 2 free tips of opposite motifs together.
And we get a tiny gift bag. Good enough for little girls and their dolls, or for bigger girls and their balls (er, balls of thread)!
The stork is carrying a gift for sure !

Since the beads are again going to be snipped off in order to continue on my journey, I did not address the gaping holes between motifs. 

While the ball will stay put, a shuttle or any smaller object will slip through unless there is a fabric lining as is clearly visible in the video.

Instead of a fabric lining, one can use some tatted rings/elements to close that space (I used to and fro chains in this bag - 
The Pony shuttle with Anchor size 20 ball gives you an idea of the size.

And this is another idea that crept in with the monsoons - a boat! Doesn't it remind you of our childhood paper boats? If we add more motifs to lengthen the sides, we get a longer boat or kayak, or whatever your sailor's heart desires!

Pattern pdf for the Square Diamond Motif  (I used the Mat modification)  - 

Before I sign off, here are 2 short videos showing the gift bag ....

And in a few days I will post the final 3D piece. 

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  1. I think holder of a ball of thread works.

  2. What happened? hmmmm
    You got creative! I like your ideas!!

  3. You sure do have a very creative mind!! :)

    1. May be a mind too distracted, Sue 馃榿馃挄

  4. I think Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern would be surprised to see your creative version. Maybe he would tat himself a ball holder. 馃

    1. Such a sweet thought and kind words 馃挄 Thanks, Marja 馃槏馃挅