Monday, 25 October 2021

bagatelle to bagaball

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Reworked patterns from Frau Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern’s ‘Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’, 1920, for Endrucks 1920 Project.

Am I getting too OC in my tatting? I can’t seem to stop tatting, telling myself ‘just one more repeat’ or ‘one more tweak’ or ‘now let’s place this colour there’ to see what comes up - to upload the best possible for the pdf. But despite the time constraint I cannot stop enjoying the tatting play – way cooler and way more exciting than bagatelle! 

Above are 5 pieces of pattern #28, no two identical. The ruffling settles in later rounds but each piece needed some tweaking of chains.

This time, though, I am very proud of my diagramming skill! In one single diagram I have managed to incorporate 3 versions of the pattern! To see it you will have to click on the pdf url -

These 5 pieces were tatted in a different sequence, spanning 2 years, to the one presented in the pdf. Here, I’d like to stick to my chronological timeline.

The Valley of Flowers mandala version from June 2019.
In order to incorporate the colour palette, lot of false CTM is used to transition to the next round instead of cutting both threads each time. And the thrown rings in one round were shifted to the next round and worked as regular rings.
This pattern modification is included in the diagram.

This is from June 2021 tatted for the current project using single colour and climbing out using split rings and split chains. I even took round-wise pics for the pdf but did not find it necessary to include them, especially since I later tweaked the count some more.

You can find Georgia Seitz’s written transcript and tips here -

Since the previous piece encountered cupping and ruffling in some rounds, I decided another tweaked piece was essential for the pdf. Much better result as regards laying flat, though a bit of simple blocking along the way helps too.
The count used in this piece is presented in the pdf in written format as well as in the diagram.

Empty 'hands' are a devil’s workshop ;-P I got to thinking that so far none of us has used Endrucks’ method of climbing out and was curious to see how it would look and compare! (I discovered only last week that Marina Mad Jar had already used it in pattern #34 - 
Sep 2021 This is as close to the original count as possible, but using extra chains to climb out 脿 la Endrucks’. The octagonal shape is lost a bit because of the extra stitches added in every 3rd chain. This is an unfortunate feature of all my versions unless the tatting tension was loosened.
The original pattern brings up the last 3rd of the diagram.

Sep 2021. This is the final piece where the chain arch above the 3-ring cluster is pulled out unlike the flat-line of the previous.
Can you detect the extra chains used for continuous tatting? I deliberately chose ecru in size 40 trying to go for 'vintage'. If one uses 2 colours, some juggling might be called for, but in single colour it is easy-peasy! So, here’s an easy alternate for those who find split chains and split rings difficult to work.
All 5 together for size comparison. Details of thread and measurements are included in the pdf.
Pattern #28 (3 versions) pdf

When Anita saw what I was tatting, she immediately pointed out that these would make a great little baggie, and even sent me a pic! How exciting! My limited imagination only had me thinking of using them as coasters. So here’s what came of my attempt …

Lining it with fabric would enhance the durability.
Choice of fabric colour will also help highlight each side. Different sides means the bag is easier to mix and match with your outfit, besides using up spare tatted lace. It can also be an exciting gift purse for a little girl!
As a reflection of Endrucks’ stacked chains (block tatting), I connected the 2 pieces using simple chains. By working alternate chains in direct tatting (reverse or unflipped stitches), it was a matter of one shuttle and ball, working continuously. Longer chains will obviously increase the capacity.
Lined the edges with beaded chain tatting for some bling. A large teardrop with beaded loop closes the opening, ....
....while those solid cylindrical beads finish off the handle. Good to hold a ball or 2 and shuttles for a project on the go!

Although there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, ‘twixt my conception and execution, and nowhere as elaborate as Anita’s, I am happy with my first such bag-a-ball baggie! 

Endrucks 1920 Project is a community project, we welcome every one of you to join in! Please let us know where we can find your renditions and derivative tatting!
We created the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project, so please use it for your version to show up in a search.
We all enjoy sharing and the project is awaiting every one of you!
All info and links (original and modern) are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here:
Remember there are many more modernised patterns, derived and extracted patterns/ideas, already listed in the project document, with more still to come! So, do visit and scroll through.



  1. Wow! From a comment comes a practical tatted masterpiece! Wowsie, Muskaan! Applause! Applause!

    1. Pays to have inspiring friends around, Anita 馃槣馃挒馃グ馃挒

  2. Beautiful ♥️! I love the coloured version and the flowers that emerged!

    1. My favourite, too, Ninetta 馃挄馃グ馃挒

  3. Replies
    1. Sue, could they be adapted for a suncatcher, with beads of course? ❤馃グ

  4. The multi coloured one is my favourite too. But the technique involved in all of them is very impressive.

    1. Jane, there are so many possibilities and paths that one gets in too deep sometimes 馃槼馃槂馃グ I should be managing my limited time better 馃挄

  5. All of your examples are beautiful! I love reading about how you are inspired by threads and suggestions!

    1. Diane, we all mutually inspire and are inspired ...keeps the light shining on this hobby 馃槂馃挄馃グ

  6. Your tatting is beautiful! It inspires my imagination. oh no....I feel some OCD coming on too!!!!!

    1. 馃榾馃榾馃榾 Carry on, Mel馃槏馃挆

  7. I really like the first one you made in multiple colours! Although all of them are really elegant. Endrucks' method of climbing out is interesting, but not my cup of tea. Although if you don't look for them specifically, you might not immediately see the extra chains.

    1. Ah, Lavi, the first was for pure unadulterated pleasure, while the later 4 were for pattern presentation where constraints applied 馃榾馃槈馃槅
      Endrucks' continuous tatting wouldn't be approved in present-day ambiance, but always good to now there are options, especially an easier one 馃挆馃挄

  8. One pattern offers many possibilities. Everyone is beautiful, but I especially like Oct2021 and white.

    1. Oh yes, Marja, something for everybody in this one pattern, whatever the skill level or the visual appeal 馃槏馃挅