Thursday, 14 October 2021

spirited seventeen

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When posting the pattern recently, I said I'd share some possible ideas from pattern #17 in a separate post. Well, this will be like a static slide show, without much text except for the idea. I hope you put on your coloured glasses to figure/pick out the possible images from this spirited #17!

Endrucks pattern #17 - possible ideas, adaptations, extraction, derivations 

By simply folding, removing 'unwanted' areas, and/or joining at appropriate points, a plethora of patterns are possible ...

1 - kimono
2 - Eskimo or gingerbread man

3 - wheelbarrow with flowers or prams with babies in between
Or Marilyn Monroe in her iconic flying dress image
The wheelbarrow and pram are what Ninetta saw! Took me a few minutes to extract those images.
This is the 2-repeat sampler I had tatted and have folded to create most of these other ideas .....
Click here to download the pattern and get into the spirit -
4 - yet another possible corner for a triangular motif or a square mat.

5 - is it a bird? is it a plane? is it a boomerang?!

6 - folded into a bow - good around the neck or waist,
to hold up long hair or decorate a gift!

7 - cat ears for Catwoman!

8 - a 3D crown or headgear

9 - mojaris (Rajasthani footwear) for men

10 - 2 grasshoppers munching their way through leaves! 
So what if they are the wrong colour?!

11 - 2 swans facing each other

12 - Reiko Akamatsu's rearrangement for a square frame

13 to17 - These have moved from the realm of ideas to patterns ....
Superimposed Square frame  -
Reflections motif and snowflake -

So, is it just me or could you spot the possibilities as well? Did you come up with something else? Do share.


  1. Replies
    1. 😃😛😃 Apparently, Jane 😁😍❤

  2. There seems to be no limits to these patterns, brilliant works

    1. We are trying to curb our imagination now, Margaret, 😜😁💕

  3. Wow!!! You sure came up with lots of possibilities!!! :)

    1. Have lace, will play 😜😁😃 Thanks, Sue 💕

  4. Such imaginative possibilities! No wonder, with such a complex pattern! When i look at the block tatting triangles and the parts below i see an angel.

    1. Oh yes, Lavi, those BT triangles make superb angel wings, thanks 👏😍💕

  5. Wow! Let's do the math, 43 patterns times thousands of possibilities, just counting only yours, lol... tatting is no more in danger as a lost art, I'd dare saying! 🥰

    1. Thankfully Maths is not my strong point otherwise the total number would scare me silly 🤣😁🙃
      The best part, Nin, is that I am still enjoying the tatting part and craving to try out ideas that don't stop invading but my readers must be getting bored 🤪❤

  6. Lots of ideas! Endless fantasy! Thanks for the inspiration, Muskaan!

    1. and Elena, this is merely for One pattern of the 43 (as Ninetta pointed out) 😁😲🤩 Your designs and works are equally inspiring 💕