Wednesday, 6 October 2021

did it work?

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 Over the last several weeks I've been getting a lot of requests for sharing my old patterns. During one of Google/Blogger's updates, there was this notification that old urls might change. I didn't pay much attention till these requests started showing up through Google Drive. 

Fortunately there is an option right in the email itself to share the document. Now the reason I write this post is because I have no idea whether it has worked or not since nobody came back with any feedback, though I had asked a couple of emailers. 

So, if you had requested permission, it would help if you let me know whether it worked. Because when I click on the links in my blog, they open fine.

Here is one of the many requests from my Quatrefoil series from 2017 -

The pentagon and hexagon patterns are not yet uploaded ....

...but this flower and the triangle and square patterns are in public domain. 

You can find more than the motifs in this fun range by clicking on this tag - 
And direct pattern pdf links to Quatrefoil Triangle -

I chose this because I wanted a few pics from this pictorial for another RR I have in the works and the request happened to come in. Yes, I have a lot of stuff going on at my end, including completing The Big E Project, but sadly no time to compose proper posts to share. But I am also happy to see some of my snowflakes popping up in Facebook posts! 
More fun news soon ....


  1. yes it worked! Many thanks for all you beautiful hard work!

    1. Oh thank you for confirming Cassandra ❤ Enjoy 😍

  2. I still need the permission to read the Quatrefoil Triangle.

    1. Oh. I didn't get any email (via Goggle Drive) request for access, Nin? What do I do now, my tech guruji?