Monday, 6 June 2022

vanity takes a fall

Pin It now! I am not happy with my work on many counts.
This is the completed Gooseberry Tree pattern from Erika Tashiro's 'Tatting Lace, Marmelo'.

The last time I showed you, 3 rounds had been completed -

This is after 6 rounds. The 6th round was a doozy to control! the little rings and chains kept twisting. The black colour didn't help. I had to block it before continuing to the last round.

Adding a 4th colour - brown - was an afterthought otherwise I might've used it for the center round instead of black. I noticed how beautiful the combo of light and dark green in Erika's coloured version looked. The clovers could be distinguished yet the apposite clovers and chains created an elegant dense curvaceous circle, which I sought to replicate with the brown. However, I should've used a much darker shade to blend with the black clovers.

In the final round I substituted thrown rings with regular picots since I intend to use this as a hair bun net. I don't think it has altered the appearance much.

All those tiny rings are not Josephine Rings. They are small rings or dots.
The doily uses simple techniques - rings, chains, thrown rings, and dots. And several rounds can be worked with a ball and shuttle.

Erika works the 4th round in 3 colours. However, I stuck with black and yellow.

In Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8, the diameter is 8 inches, a tad larger than what I need. Hence I will string it through the rings. I wish I'd worked it in size 40 for a more delicate lace.
Lesson learned - never be vain! And try not to indulge too much in anything, LOL.

Friends have asked me to show the net in action. I am a bit tied up at present to undertake posing and modeling, but will try to definitely post all my 4 current nets. 馃榿


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    1. Dhanyavad, Madhur 馃枻❤馃挍馃

  2. It looks wonderful.

    1. Many thanks, Steph 馃枻❤馃挍馃

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    1. ~Sue(Tatting Lace in Grace)

    2. Thank you so very much, Sue 馃枻馃挅馃挍馃 I appreciate your diligence and perseverance in commenting despite the challenges blogger is posing.

  4. Of course YOU are not satisfied. But we are!!!!
    Keep up your adventures in tat-land.

    1. Well, you hit the nail on the head, Mel ... we ore usually our worst critics 馃枻馃挅馃挍馃 Thank you