Tuesday, 14 June 2022

3D multi-use ornament

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I would've liked to take pics/videos against a better background, but the weather does not permit too much movement, LOL.

A short video to see it 'in action'.

A tree decoration in June?! The seed took root early and this idea  branched out from another.

Remember this single motif bonanza? I picked up the discarded 'mat' - the one with a yellow and dark blue motif attached, in order to make a cube.  

As I joined the 3rd motif, I couldn't repress my playful mood and found it could be a cute ornament with some additional beads. In finer thread, it could also be worn as earrings or a brooch/pendant, or how about a bracelet charm?!
I used the Mat pattern for each motif - pattern pdf (click to download) :
Worked in Anchor size 20.
Here it kind of looks like a partially open flower! Add a calyx and stem and we're good to go.

Continuing with my curiosity, I attached beads, crystals, teardrops, etc. Looks pretty festive, right? 
How about using it over a baby's crib (not within reach, of course!)?
What I would do differently is to have the 3 bottom teardrops suspended at different heights instead of the same.
When planned ahead, beads can be added during the tatting process. I would've placed beads a bit differently as well.
Another short video. 
It would look good as a window decoration, too. Or as part of a toran (door hanging/decoration) for door.

Time now to snip off all the beads. I have a feeling that joining a 4th motif could create a biscornu! Will try to see if the idea works.

All pattern pdfs and more, in modern style as well as links to the original book and patterns can be found in the Endrucks 1920 Project doc here -


  1. so creative! thx for sharing

  2. I like it!! I did something similar with fabric for a craft with kids. Tatted looks better!
    As for using 4 to create a biscornu? My understanding of what makes a biscornu a biscornu is still in the novice stage. I *think* it must be 2 squares joined with a 90 degree offset, then stuffed, then crimped in the middle with a button. Thus, my biscornu of your hidden rose pattern didn't really count. But it was fun making it!!

    1. Oh, thanks for explaining the biscornu essential of 'offset', Mel. 馃槏 I hadn't realised it, though I do remember you created one (which led me to the notion ...). Some other time perhaps 馃榿

  3. Makes me think of a jester’s cap. Great fun.

    1. Hehehe, yes, it Is kind of funny, Jane, which is why I would do the beads and dangles a bit differently if I repeat it in future. 馃榿馃ぃ馃槏

  4. I love this idea and it would make a lovely window decoration or even for a christmas tree, You give us so much inspiration I cant keep up with you

    1. Thanks, Margaret 馃槏There is so much I want to do, so many new things I wish to try, from other designers/bloggers but can't keep up either. so we do what we can and enjoy it 馃榿馃尯