Wednesday, 27 April 2022

from innie to outie

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 Ahem, not quite so graphic! The title of this post refers metaphorically to the Leaflike Rings shown in my last post.

Krystyna Mura tweaked the Dimpled Ring to create this cute and usable shape. After making the dimpled ring, pull out the dimpled part ('un-dimple' the ring) and we have a ring resembling a leaf!!! Simple. I just had to try it despite the paucity of time.

Here I used the same effect for flower petals as well as the leaves on a Josephine Chain stem. 

The best part is that these leaflike rings can be made with a single shuttle or thread, since they are true rings.
However they can also be worked as Mock Rings, especially if the ring is too large. 

Above is my very first trial soon after reading the method, without referring to it. In my haste, the joining as well as the 'un-dimpling' became martyrs. 
I added a picot in the hopes of creating a pointier tip. And now it looks like the silhouette of a bird, doesn't it? Can you also see birds on a wire? 

I tried the bird idea, with a 3/4th profile and beads for eyes, and a mock ring for easy closure. I even added a tail. However, it is still incomplete and I haven't been able to get back to tweaking it to give it my visualized look. Some day soon ....

You can download the mini-tutorial with clear instructions prepared by Krystyna Mura by clicking this pdf link -
She has cleverly used these leaflike rings to simulate the eyes of a Bat! So how are You going to use this simple dimple un-dimpled effect?


  1. A new twist on an old method! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Jane, Ninetta, & Anonymous 🌹🌹🌹 Yes, it is versatile twist to an old method, creating more possibilities 💕

  3. Clever way of making a flower look so different with the twist, lots of possibilities with this

    1. True, Margaret, and I hope you design something with it when you are up and about 💝😍💝

  4. Having trouble commenting, but want you to know the flower looks great!! :)
    ~Sue(Tatting Lace in Grace)

    1. Oh thank you so very much, Sue 💖💖💖 I truly appreciate your perseverance and effort. Hope blogger starts behaving soon and I can always read your comment/reaction on FB till then