Sunday, 10 April 2022

EP medley 1

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Activity in the Endrucks 1920 Project continues with tatters chipping in with their versions. Some are shared in respective blogs, others in our Facebook group. A section called ‘Gallery of Possibilities’ in the EP doc features the more clear variants or adaptations. [If any adaptation is accompanied by a dedicated pattern, it is shifted to the main entry of the respective pattern]. But beyond these are several more versions that can inspire us.

Although we can pin an image from a public FB page/group, it will not lead back to the source or provide any information about the tatter, pattern, etc. 

All these factors made me realize that sharing them through blogposts will not only reach a wider audience, but will also help us pin correctly. Under the title ‘EP medley’, I will occasionally share the projects (and blog post links) with due credit, for all to enjoy and pin correctly.

Description will be at a minimum, and images are in no particular sequence. More details and information can be garnered in the Endrucks 1920 Project Facebook group or the respective blogs. The medley is in no particular order. (links at end)

EP Medley #1 

pattern #17 adaptation

1. Recently Coretta Loughmiller uploaded 2 versions of ‘Upended Endrucks Snowflakes’, adapted from an adaptation! Check out her beautiful models and other details here-

2. Molly worked a beaded version of the Upended Snowflake and draped it beautifully over a tree ornament. ---

3. Eulalia worked the same snowflake in 3 strands of sewing thread as a trial while incapacitated! ---

I had extracted a motif from #17 and used it in several adaptations, starting with the Lace Day earrings, edgings, snowflake. 
4. Marie of West Pine Creations tatted a beautiful rendition of the earrings here -

5. And this is Kathleen's lovely beaded version from last year. ---

pattern #1 + #40 combo:
6. Reiko tatted the central rounds of #40 and edged the circle with #1! Happy Hands know no limits :-) ---

pattern #2 adaptation:
7. Ninetta is still not back to blogging, and has dumped her images on me for the present! My tiny fragile shoulders carry a heavy burden, LOL.
This is her bracelet adaptation extracting and repeating only one motif from #2,  reminding her of fishbone. ---
Notice how cleverly she has attached the tatting to the clasp?! Seamless. The rings look like they are part of the clasp.

pattern #43 adaptation:
8. Agnieszka (Aga) tatted an exquisite Jewelry Set extracting a motif from #43. Her beautifully tatted necklace and earrings are displayed through several pics here -

9. Pop Maria followed suit adapting the motif slightly for a bookmark worked in her own delicious hand=painted thread, here - 

10. And several years back, Patty Dowden inserted some freeform tatting to create this yummy Strawberry Doodle using almost the entire motif.  ---

This is a small window into the possibilities with so much still to explore and adapt. Hope you enjoyed this display and will leave a comment if you want some changes in the presentation. 

All pattern pdfs can be downloaded from Endrucks 1920 Project document (EPdoc) -
Endrucks 1920 Project FB Group -
#Endrucks1920Project -
Endrucks 1920 Project Pinterest board -


  1. Amazing tatting, thanks to all these talented tatters, and to you who started the game 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ

    1. Yes, Nin, we are all in it together ❤✌馃榿

  2. Wow, so much inspired tatting!

    1. And lots more to share still, Jane 馃榿馃槏

  3. Such fabulous inspirations!!!! :)