Sunday, 23 January 2022

more multiples

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 I couldn't resist! Lea Rako (of AlenAlea fame with her gorgeous hand dyed threads and patterns) turned an edging into 2 square motifs by turning it outwards and inwards! The pdf will soon be uploaded to the project doc and I will update the link here.

I tired it with colours. The insert is an optional variation to Square #1 for those who do not like large open spaces.  
This is how the square looks without the insert. I don't mind it at all. In this pattern, the edging is turned outwards and the motifs look like an open lotus to me.

This is how the edging is, which I tatted back in August. Anita Barry modernised the pattern and presented the pattern in modern style. I shared her beautiful sampler and direct pdf link here - And of course, you can access it from the main document.

I loved playing with colour positions, using repositioning methods (I don't exactly remember which was used where) - See Lock Join Plus series. I haven't cut off the threads, wanting to play some more in future. There are so many more possibilities!

In Anchor Pearl size 8, this measures 2.5cms across and 3cms diagonally. Good for a mug coaster.

Imagine the edging turned inwards; the triad lying inside and a few elements added to span the distance. That is the 2nd square pattern included in her pdf. 
Lea also tessellated the squares into a beautiful fabric! For both squares, Lea indicates the joining picots when tessellated. 

And before I sign off, Eye Spy yet another heart!!! It will require a bit of juggling to get a smooth outline since the 2 side rings tend to lie beyond the outline. Worth a try, though, right?

Endrucks 1920 Project link for all patterns and derivations -

Thank you so much, Lea, for sharing these beautiful squares!


  1. Hearts everywhere! I like the addition of the centre motif, but in any case it’s an effective motif.

    1. Thanks, Jane 💖 Lea's models in white are beautiful but I wanted to see how the pattern works out in colours.

  2. Great squares and great spy of another heart!!! :)