Saturday, 2 February 2019


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‘waffling’ [North American]  : fail to make up one’s mind.
I first saw Diane’s admirable waffle stitch afghan(s) and immediately liked the texture! Several months later, Denise’s enthusiasm proved too contagious to resist. And the timing was right as I was convalescing in Dec.

After these learning trials, I set about crocheting a cushion cover for hubby’s chair. Which is why I started out with a 15” length. But started to get bored with the single colour (wish I'd factored in some white!) and tied off, changing my plan to an afghan. This first strip is worked along the length, but rest were worked up from the shorter side.

8 strips worked so far in 4 different colours. Each measures around 15”x3½” and weighs about 20gms. Jaypee knitting yarn/wool and 2.25mm/size13 hook.
Multiples of 3 and 2 extra chain stitches to start off, so that I get the same effect on either side.
I used only 2ch to turn.
Wanted to lay them flat before posting, but …

I need plenty more, but don’t know how to arrange them yet. Lots of arrangement ideas jotted in my grid pages, however my current waffling hampers progress!
Meanwhile I had other deadlines to meet, stuff to finish.

One thing is for certain; the entire afghan won't be waffle stitch. I intend to knit a few panels/blocks using different stitches – perhaps in batches of 8.

I kind of got into a rhythm with the stitch and it went fairly quickly; it consume a lot of yarn.

‘waffling’ [British] : speak or write at length in a vague or trivial manner.
Yelp! I’m leaving I’m leaving ;-P


  1. Your waffling is gorgeous, love the blue!

    1. Thanks, Michelle 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋

  2. I’ve admired Diane’s waffle stitch too, will try it out one day. It’s going to be fun trying out the strips in different combinations, I look forward to seeing the results.

  3. Can't wait to see your afghan!!! :) Fabulous colors!! :)

    1. Dreary grey winters call for bright & lively colours, Sue ;-P

  4. Love those definitions! I am going to have to start working them into my vocabulary ; P
    Such a cozy textured stitch. My mind is spinning with possibilities! I bet it would look great in the log cabin patchwork pattern : D

    1. Blogging makes you do that, Emily - try out new words 馃槈 And if you check, the origin of Waffling is 'waff' which means 'yelp' 馃槅

      Great minds 馃挅 Log cabin was my first thought as well !!! Will I, won't I ? ever-waffling 馃槃