Saturday, 17 September 2022

playful hearts

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Hearts want to play, organise themselves into groups and shapes. Well it's not new in our tatting world (see links at the end of post), yet each arrangement takes on the characteristics of its component hearts. So, let's see what the Eye Spy (extracted from pattern #3) or #prettymeEndrucks hearts are playing at ....   direct link to the pattern pdf -

And do scroll down to the bottom of the post for some new spy work!!!!
Also, we have another participant who sent her pretty me heart. I have updated the round up post here -

Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8 is similar to Lizbeth size 20;
and Anchor crochet cotton size 20 is similar to Lizbeth size 10.
I Love this arrangement for an elegant bracelet or bookmark.
The hearts can be tatted continuously in pairs of 2 (like the 2 in the center) with split ring tips.

Another arabesque arrangement for a quilt block or a frame.

4 friends together form a square.

The 4 hearts at the bottom can be arranged alternately for an insertion or bookmark.
These, as well as the earrings are worked in Anchor Perle Cotton size 8. Each earring heart measures about 2.5cms x 2.5cms, and the skewed arrangement gives an earring measuring about 4cms wide and 7.5 cms long (without the teardrop).

The body of this bookmark (Margaret Davies' adaptation), also worked in Anchor Pearl size 8 measures 3.5cms x 12.5 cms.
After adding the braid and tassel, it almost touches 30cms.

A couple of my Indian tatters directed me to where I could purchase the bookmark sleeves online! And I did! Thanks, ladies.While for personal use, I still prefer bare lace (hence the tassel is attached to the bookmark, not the sleeve), the sleeves will keep them protected and flat when not in use or when gifting.
I pulled the tassel through the hole at the tip, thus anchoring it.

The maroon prototype was worked in Anchor size 20 and is 3.5cms wide and 3 cms high.
The other 2 are the enlarged hearts .....

On the left is Margaret Davies' enlarged version, with 16/0 beads. In Anchor Pearl size 8, it works out to 3.5cms x 3.5cms.
The right one is my slight variation with longer top chains and a beaded loop to insert a chain or findings. It now measures >4cms x 3.5cms.

Now for the exciting part ----- Look closely at the center .....
Eye Spy a Pentagon in this coaster ....
[In Anchor size 20 the diameter is 7cms]
.... and Eye Spy a Square in this pendant!
Both pentagon and square can be worked in one pass. Can you figure out the pathway?

It was Carol Liu's colour placement which first brought out the pentagon clearly.

All pattern pdf links are listed in
And of course, you can go to the EP doc for the entire collection of modernised and adapted patterns and ideas -


  1. Hearts galore! I don’t know why the link to your blog has disappeared from my blog.

    1. No idea, Jane! Hope you can restore it? 💜💜💜💜

  2. I like the coaster the most, the pattern stands out clearly, good color choice.

    1. And a coaster has practical value, too, Marja 😁💜💜 I enjoy using mine daily.

  3. It's fun to play, Aneta, and hopefully someday someone will try one of the ideas 💜😃💜

  4. Wonderful projects. Good lesson on colors within a project forming shapes.

    1. Precisely, Anonymous 😍 I have often spied 'hidden' patterns because of the colour-play.