Thursday, 11 August 2022


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Another productive day of tatting, foregoing my exercises and the newspapers, shhhh ;-P

The Ashoka Chakra in the center of our flag actually has 24 spokes. Using Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8, I was happy to get 12 in cabochon tatting. After all my tatted flag is an artistic symbolism, though proportions are maintained.

Started the morning by working on the 3rd wave and completed it by afternoon, despite all chores. Since I had the pattern jotted down, it was easy and quick to tat.

All 3 waves together.
In the evening, the waves as well as the leaves were all blocked. 

And this is how they will be arranged, with some overlap. Difficult to capture in a photograph.

And this is how I did worked tatting around the coin. A spilt ring braid.
SR1: 3 - 6 - 3 / 3 - 6 - 3.
All subsequent split rings -
SR2: 3 + 6 - 3 / 3 + 6 - 3. 
The final ring I worked as a regular ring, joining back to the first SR.

Has this been done before? I seem to have lost track of so many things.

UPDATE: I've been told that Edda Guastalla published this SR braid method of encapsulation in a book. She did it on an large gem (like in ice drops). 

And here is how I finished off the coin to get a smooth edge

I have revealed each step of design and progress over the last several days. Now we'll all have to wait and see how they come together finally!

However, before that, there is a fun game you are all invited to .... I will post about it tomorrow.


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  1. Oh wow, edging of the coin so effective!

    1. Thanks, Jane. Yesterday Ninetta told me that Edda Guastella has done it before with a cab gem. 💗💗💗