Tuesday, 9 August 2022


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 Day 7 was pretty productive tatting-wise. I completed this entire strip of a symbolic wave. And even wrote down the pattern.
The crests are a bit flattened compared to the trial piece in the previous post.

However, the troughs are too angular. I'll use this strip, but am trying to lengthen the troughs. And this time no rings - only chains. Let's see how that tat's up. I managed only a few chains today. So Day 8 is a washout tatting-wise.

Meanwhile I do have a question. 

This is the 75 year old coin from both sides which will be used for the center of the flag.

 Should I clean it to a sparkle or leave it as is? Is there anything to keep in mind while cleaning?

I also want to apologise for not answering the comments in my recent posts. I will do it soon. Thanks for your support 💕


  1. I'd leave it. Repeated cleaning could wear away the features of the coin.

    1. I followed your advice, Jane, though I did end up gently washing it with mild liquid soap 💙

  2. I'd leave it, agree with Jane. The collectors say never clean coins. Also, the cleaner cream would spot the white thread, but the dirty coin could do it too, maybe you can cut out a rounded piece of fabric to protect the tatting. I would use the side with the date.

    1. When you explained that the dirty coin might rub off on the tatting, Nin, I washed the coin with mild soap to remove all surface dirt. And instead of gluing, I sewed it to the lace. This way my options are open. 💙