Friday, 26 August 2022

a bonanza of butterflies

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 In my previous post we were treated to some lovely adaptations of Endrucks' pattern #1, along with pattern pdfs -

This time a kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters across our path!
Click on the blue text to download the pdf for Happy Hands Butterfly

Sue Bradham's butterfly from hearts. It started with the heart I adapted from a single motif which Sue tweaked into wings and doubled into a butterfly and posted here -

Before finalising a pdf, in March we asked members of our FB group to test tat the diagram and play with it. Oh my, within a few days all these butterflies flew in (not in chronological order)!!! Our enthusiastic tatters displayed their skills in photography alongside their creative versions which is the reason I couldn't stop myself from sharing them all. 

Reiko Akamatsu's rainbow coloured butterfly was happy to flit around, testing the various surfaces. :-D
Paola Emilia Rotuletti's butterfly landed on her Easter basket next to a cute chick and the heart. 
And in her previous 2 versions, she played with colour placement! She also added a body and antennae.
Liliana Tosini added a split ring braid and Josephine chain tail ending with a tassel to use as a bookmark. This elegant adaptation also has some well-placed beads and floating/dead end chain antennae.
Antonia Lai worked in a slim body by back-tracking the chain!

Stella Marina added a body in her blue butterfly and adorned it further with gems and sequins!
In her green version, she uses a double-backed Josephine chain for a textured body!

Paola Bevilacqua started off playing with colour placement in her first attempt. And then her next butterfly literally took wing! In metallic thread, this 3D version not only has a thick head and body, but textured front wings. Is it lock chain or Josephine chain - hard to tell - but perfectly shaped!
She shared a video, too, since it is difficult to capture a 3D form in 2D photos.
Daniela Galli worked her first trial piece and then perfected it in the 2nd attempt by upending the wings! The pattern (diagram and written) is included in the pdf.
Click on the blue text to download the pdf for Happy Hands Butterfly :
In order to avoid any mistakes while presenting the pattern, I tatted Daniela's version. In Anchor size 20. On the left wing (bottom tip) I tried a mock ring with lock join and on the right wing I did a SCMR. I prefer the latter.
TIP: If you want to avoid hiding ends, tat the head last as a split ring, leaving the tails long for antennae.
Can't help myself - just one last pic! My butterfly model has settled itself over some of my snowflakes mistaking them for flowers.
In Anchor size 20 (~ Lizbeth 10) the motif is 6 cms wide and 4.5 cms high.

UPDATE (Sep 2022) - One more butterfly from the heart via the shamrock (with pattern pdf) -

Hopefully we will see another spurt of pretty butterflies soon ....
Remember you can find so many many more patterns - original and adapted - in our EP doc

Many many many thanks to all our wonderful tatters 


  1. What a pretty swarm of butterflies!

  2. So many beautiful butterflies, my favorite is Daniela Galli's version.

    1. I'm sure it will go into your butterfly collection, Marja 予 I will be watching out for your version

  3. Fabulous butterflies, I love the the butterfly bookmark

    1. The bookmark is certainly very elegant. 予 Thanks Margaret

  4. So many wonderful butterflies! All are beautiful, and that bookmark design is sure to be a favorite!

    1. I was amazed at the creative tweaks, too! Thanks, Marilee