Saturday, 6 August 2022

day 4 and more

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 This is my progress on Day 4 or rather the 4th night! ... 

Days 1 to 3 -

GREEN - This is the colour of prosperity and what better than leaves to convey that symbolism!

I chose my Laurel Leaf pattern 
(pdf .. pattern on page 7 - - in case it does not open, send the automated request).

The only tweaks made - shorten the bare thread space between rings for a compact effect; and increase the length with 2 additional rings at the  base.
When I finish the leaves, I will show how I intend to arrange them.

Speaking of leaves, here are the leaves from my balcony garden (in no particular order) - we now have 10 pots with no room for any more if we wish to sit and bask in the winter sun, LOL.

Our green chilli plant is finally flowering and there are tons of buds waiting to peep out.

Our new guava plant bought 1 week back. It is a Bonsai from Kolkata and had 2 fruit but the smaller one fell of yesterday. 
An asparagus fern in a smaller ceramic pot.

Have to look up what this ornamental plant is called. And does it bear tiny red flowers? This is the 2nd small ceramic pot. The rest of the 8 pots are 12 inch diameter.

Doesn't this plant need less sunlight to maintain the mottled effect? Again need to research it.

Our Ficus is flourishing, too, and we pruned it a few days back.

These are the fresh new leaves of the Curry leaf plant.

Ajwain (oregano) 

This is the first time our Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant has prospered so much and we had bought this almost a year  back. I used to prune, but then the new leaves would become smaller and smaller. 
The reason is a tip we saw in a gardening show on TV - Nip off the inflorescence as soon as it appears or as soon as you can. Hubby has been diligently doing it and the plant is such a pleasure to watch.
Of course, I do use the leaves in my tea.

Last but not least a portion of our lemon tree. The 2nd oldest lemon ripened and fell off, too, yum! These 2 are the next in line, though it might be well nigh 4-5 months before they ripen.

So this is a stroll through our potted plants in our balcony. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy it every morning.


  1. Your tatted leaves fit right in on the balcony. Your balcony must look amazing. Jack has planted another lemon tree, in a different spot. I hope this one will do better than the last one.

    1. My balcony is now a very soothing place and the greenery beyond, with tall green trees provide a wonderful sight (when pollution is not too high ;-P). Hope this time your lemon tree survives and thrives, Jane .💚💚💚

  2. Your tatted leaves are lovely, the plant with the spotted yellow leaves is a laurel and they grow very big, I love your balcony full of interesting plants and the aroma must be wonderful, I wish I had some of your plants, we are going back into a heatwave, no rain so its watering cans and hoping nothing dies,

    1. It does smell wonderful, Margaret! And the green chili plant has too many flowers and buds to count - the white drooping flowers are so sweet. Yesterday we picked the guava. Will share pics eventually. We tried mint twice, but not enough sunlight now that we cannot place the pot on the ledge. Hope your weather has taken a turn for the better. 💚💚💚
      Oh, I looked up the yellow spotted plant and though the shape of the leaves is similar to laurel, it is actually a tropical Croton. I was so excited when you said it was a laurel - what a coincidence it would've been.