Monday, 8 August 2022

wave trial Endrucks style

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WHITE - stands for peace in our Indian flag and to me water and waves symbolize peace and serenity.
This is the first motif of Day 7 but more have been accomplished and I hope to do one more before lights out. No pics, yet.
If time was on my side I would've tried to change the straight lock join line to a curve reflecting the crest. For another day.
This was my trial last night (Day 6) and I adopted Endrucks' style of block tatting.  The crest is too pointed here, which I smoothened a bit in the final version above. Besides this, only 2 minor counts were altered.
Doesn't this look like a crown though? The portion from ring to ring. All it needs is some embellishments.

Off to tat! Waving tata ....