Monday 8 July 2024

E44 motif arrangements

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 Ninetta has been showcasing the E44 cover doilies (links at the end) from our tat-along in January last year and asked me to write something for her final post on the topic where she will share her pattern for continuous tatting. Had to refresh my memory and discovered I hadn't posted the motif arrangements mentioned in my post here - So, like Ninetta said, better late than never. 

One of the advantages of working in pieces rather than in one pass is that one can play with arrangements and combinations! So without much ado, here are some quick pics I had taken back then. Perhaps it will inspire some one to tat one or more. 

Pattern : Motif G from E44 cover doily TAL Jan2023

Four motifs in a closed circle

Two individual motifs that look like they are flying away! Angels? Birds?

A single motif fits nicely under Round 2 of the doily. 

Holding hands 

Same arrangement but with an overlap

Repeats of the above for a bracelet or belt

Straight border or bookmark?

A ladder or tower arrangement

Close-up of above. Good for a bookmark.

A different tree-like arrangement of four motifs.

A more symmetrical arrangement for a cross.

In my previous posts, too, some ideas from this doily have been shared. Links at the end. 

Hope you enjoyed these. In single colour, with beads, or in different colour combinations, and with a bit of tweaking/adaptation some of these could be brought to life.
So many possibilities but so little time.

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  1. Beautiful ideas! Motif G looks really like an angel, and your arrangements are inspiring!

  2. Interesting how many possible combinations there are.

    1. We should call this the Neverending Project! 😁🤩

  3. Look at the possibilities & opportunities! A banquet of food for thought! Cheers, Anita Barry

  4. Oh!!!! Now my creativity is stoked!!

  5. Your imagination has no limits! Beautiful work!

    1. Endrucks makes it so easy, Anonymous 😄 Thanks😍

  6. Małe formy są doskonałe do tworzenia ciekawych zestawień.
    Bardzo podoba mi się pojedynczy motyw, wygląda jak aniołek.
    Kombinacje z wieloma motywami są rewelacyjne!
    Układ jako zakładka jest super.
    Bardzo inspirujesz - dziękuję :)
    Pozdrawiam ciepło.

    1. Thank you so much, splocik, for your lovely comment 😍 I always have fun arranging small motifs to see how they can fit together in different shapes 😁