Monday 4 December 2023

the power of 15

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 Technically, the power of a single motif extracted from Endrucks' pattern #15 (E15). Over time several patterns from her book have created a vast range of derivatives, eg., E1, E3, E12, E17, E31, E37, to name a few. E15 falls under the same category!

I've been having tremendous fun tatting up small doodles over the past few weeks. While it means I have side-lined my book editing (which I will take up in earnest again in 2024), I can't feel guilty over the brimming ideas and my largely neglected shuttles trying to give them form. Some pattern pdfs have already been shared with our FB group for the Dec game; others are in the works.

It all started when I spotted a ready-made tree motif in Endrucks' pattern #15 which Ninetta has updated with diagram and written pattern -

I quickly tatted up a prototype with size 10 thread and as you can see there isn't much room for change, right! 
Model #2 in metallic cotton size 20. I had started this just like in the prototype, from the lower side ring on the right. This is an easier pathway to tat since the two sides remain unattached till you reach the trunk part. Later I strung beads to brighten it up.
Model #3 - Here I wanted to avoid hiding ends and also make it a tree ornament. Hence started at the top inner ring and ended with a split ring at the tip.
The same with a star to showcase an idea.

Hubby saw a bell in the tree! So out came more thread (size 10) and this stylised bell pendant or ornament was born.
The same but this time in metallic thread size 40.

A comparison of the sizes. Hubby wanted an inward curve at the bottom for a more realistic look. Another version for a future project ....


Inverted, the bell looked like the bodice of a lady's gown or the torso of an angel. Rough sketch to tackle in the future.
If the sides were brought closer together, the motif would work as a flame!
Tatted with one shuttle and the two threads combined.

Flame needs a candle (or a diya), and these were my first trials

E15 Candle version 1 using block tatting. Can be done with ball and shuttle.
It was Ninetta's idea to add a little base ring to the flame.

E15 CANDLE. MOTIF pattern PDF :

Version 2 of the candle is worked alternately with treble stitch chains and double stitch chains. This is still incomplete as I got sidetracked with other motifs 😁

My objective was to create a slight slant in the block tatted chains, but I couldn't achieve it. It will take more experience than I have to get the chains to tilt.
However, my 3rd version is going to use Helix tatting - not only will I get the spiraling effect, it will also be 3D!

Meanwhile, leaves cropped up, too! This is the first model with a mock chain acting as the central vein, and ending with a Josephine chain stalk. 
This is how it looked fresh off the shuttles. However, it flattened after blocking and has stayed flat, although I like the 3D option.
E15 Leaf Doodle #2 using two types of twisted picots - one for the tip and one for the stalk.
The 3rd model started off with a different idea but midways I let my shuttles take over and ended with this. Lock chains make up the vein and stalk. I don't like the picots here!
All 3 together, and I still have so many ideas I'd like to tat!

What are leaves without a flower and its the season for Poinsettias - a no-brainer.
After the first layer of 3 petals, I continued with a lower layer of slightly larger petals. This is still a WIP where I need to add the yellow center, etc. 
QUESTION: Are 6 petals enough or should I add one more large petal below? I don't want it to look too symmetrical and adding another petal will move them slightly. 
I value your opinion.
After tatting the first 2 petals of the poinsettia, they looked like a great idea to tweak into a Butterfly or wings for an angel!

TIP: In all models I have deliberately used a self-closing mock ring (SCMR) at the tip for 2 reasons - 
1. in most cases the doodle or motif can be worked without the need for a 2nd shuttle;
2. more importantly, I find it sits much better than a thrown ring would have without anchoring picots at its sides.
I made a hitch (unflipped half-stitch) after closing the SCMR.

Meanwhile, one of our prolific members created a Star with the same motif! Ninetta and I quickly compiled a pattern pdf for it and included it in our Dec game. There are several more patterns to choose from in our game this month. Hopefully you will join us. All links in the side panel of my blog at the very top.

I will try to share the pattern for these remaining models, too.


  1. So many ideas, so much talent! Interesting, your use of scmr to form tips, thumbs up. Love all the leaves. I think 6 petals is enough for the poinsettia, or it might look overcrowded.

    1. Thanks, Jane 😍 So far I've had both opinions about the number of petals .... hmm, perhaps I can tat one more only to see how it looks and snip it off if it looks overcrowded (I have plenty of thread remaining in the shuttles anyways, LOL).

  2. That decorated tree is so festive! I like all the ideas, even the untatted (yet) ones! I think that the poinsettia would be fine with 6 red leaves. And maybe a few yellow beads in the middle.

    1. Thanks, Lavi 😍 Yes yellow beads is definitely a finishing touch I need to do. Trouble with 1st trials is that one does not know how much diameter is required for the center.

  3. I love every one of them, they are so beautiful and the poinsettia is amazing!! I would add more petals different sizes, but even if you won't add anything else it is already beautiful. You know I already tatted the tree, and it is now hanging from my phone, it's well visible! I received many compliments and so I talk of you and the Project 🌹

    1. Thanks, Nin 😍 I am so happy you spread the word with the little tree. Will work on the poinsettia today and finalise the number ....

  4. Lovely ideas! I vote more petals of different sizes also. I always end up with a poinsettia after Christmas, which promptly dies in my yard or house, that spreads a cheery red or white glow.
    Interesting that you had the tilt conundrum also. I tried ending the lower chain one stitch early. That helped a bit, but things still didn't lie like I wished them to. Another challenge for another day.

    1. Google decided I should be anonymous. Not me!

    2. Thanks, Mel, and sorry that Google plays spoilsport at times 😍 It is good that we can recreate non-wilting lace flowers 😁 Yes, the tilt is something one needs to figure out - I thought an 'asymmetrical' ring might do the trick, but it didn't. Or perhaps I should loosen my stitches a bit - more play to adapt the shape, and stiffen to keep it?

    3. I might've found a solution to the slanting BT issue, Mel. Just have to try it out now ;-D

  5. Amazing ideas! Beautiful Christmas tree :)

  6. Absolutely awesome and totally inspiring!!!! :)
    Would loved to have tried all these games, but have been busy on other things. Maybe(no promises) I will get a chance in the new year if you continue. ;)

    1. All our games (except if it is a contest) remain open whenever you wish to tat them, Sue 😍 We would love to have you join in.

    2. Hopefully you have been doing well at the craft fairs, etc, Sue 💜

  7. Beautiful poinsettia I dont think you need any more large leaves as its perfect as it is, I love the leaves they will be useful in many projects not just with a poinsettia
    I am loving this game with all these little motifs for christmas

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Margaret, and also for participating 😍

  8. Poinsettias are Christmassy and beautiful. I'm thinking about making earring trees for the Christmas party... Good patterns.

    1. Wonderful idea, Marja, looking forward to your earrings 😍