Sunday, 21 February 2021

waltzing home

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Carin Jansen’s Angel Choir doily TAL 
tatting completed by ANITA  BARRY

As the final strains of the angelic melody dies down, the waltz comes to an end. It was an exhilarating and learning experience that will be treasured for years to come. We didn't just tat lace, we built memories, which is what tat-alongs are all about.

Ah, but it was not an easy romp home for Anita Barry, but no means! You remember her fixation anecdotes here and here? She wasn't wearing 6 inch heels while tatting, so why did more missteps and stumbling follow, despite having the finishing line in sight?!
Round 6 struck again, this time with 2 of the 3 rings in a trefoil missing (arrow in pic above).
Some colourful language followed when she noticed the miss! And who can blame her ;-P

Where there's a mistake, there's a fix!

Anita shared her tools of the trade...I like to call it tools of our craft ;-D
The strange looking pick top left is a thorn from the Agave Cactus! Cool, right?!
And on the right is the needle as picot gauge in action.
' The above are "self-threading" sewing needles used for sewing in thread ends. There is a slot above the eye of the needle to slide the thread down into the eye of the needle. '

' And my fabric Ort Bag (scrap bag) for my thread ends. It's a tiny trash bag.'

Round 7 in progress. She followed my example of making the picot at tip longer.
Whoop Whoop waltzing home finally ... 
' The angels are helping me learn more ways to improvise and showing others I Tat like they do with 'do overs'. '

One would think her doily is riddled with fixes. But look what emerged from it - 
We have her husband to thank for this inspiration - he wanted the angel from Carin's doily to have "More Heart"!

I think this quote sums it up nicely since Anita will be sharing this experience in a speech titled "Fear Knot" at the IOLI Convention this year, showcasing the international cooperation this doily embodies, as well as 'bumps and grinds Tatters get themselves into'. 

        Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. 
        Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them. 
                – Anonymous © Source:

It was Anita's idea early last year, to tat a doily together. We had zeroed in on the Mystery doily whenever we could. On seeing this doily, I just felt we could all use some angels in our lives during these weird times, and Anita graciously accepted. Who knew this doily would come to create so many personal memories for her, besides the ones we made mutually!

And we had the added pleasure of several other tatters tatting along. Use hashtag #AngelChoirTAL to find the doilies on facebook as well as in Just Tatting group. If you type 'Angel Choir' in the Just Tatting search engine, it will throw up more versions by tatters who uploaded their finished doilies. Do take a look at their beautiful work if you are a member there.

Many many thanks to my buddy Anita and all my other tatting friends who joined us in our journey!
Perhaps we can plan another joyful journey next year!
Thanks once again to Carin for sharing her lovely pattern.

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  1. A wonderful adventure for all the participants. I do like Anita’s colourways and admire her correction of mistakes!

    1. It is, Jane, and Anita will be sharing all this gyan (wisdom) in the form of a speech titled 'Fear Knot' at the IOLI Convention! So we never know what may lead to what! Thank you, Jane 馃挅

  2. Prior to tatting Carin’s Angel Choir I was feeling extremely confident about my tatting skills. Ha! Tatting Angel Choir I created so many mistakes due to life’s distractions. Tatting the project became a journey, an adventure. Sometimes the finish wire seemed miles away. Can’t remember when securing the final knot felt so victorious. I wanted to leap up and mimic Rocky’s cheer. Tat the next project. It might be an extra-ordinary learning experience.

    1. I continued to admire your perseverance and good humour throughout this project, Anita, despite all the life distractions 馃グ There is so much to learn from a project, not merely tatting prowess 馃挅

  3. Wow! Muskaan, you are incredibly smooth with words! Sure wish I could write half as well as you do. This is exceptional!!!! Loved reading it. You hit it on the nail! Wham! Just right!

    1. okay, now you're just making me blush, Anita, but I am thrilled that you enjoyed the post 馃ぉ

  4. It's a beautiful doily and well worth all the learning!!! ;) :)

    1. The learning never stops and hobbies are a great way to enjoy the process! Sue, isn't it interesting how lessons learnt during tatting can transfer to our real life as well? 馃挅馃槏

  5. Beautiful doily and interesting waltzing :)