Sunday, 2 September 2018

gifts with tatting

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for a relative – a card, snood and handkerchief... 

gluing old tatting to a card
is creative ; not at all hard!
Remember the Butterfly Edging card when I elicited suggestions? 
This is the After pic, with 2 more Josephine chains on opposite corners.

I think this simple addition has been successful in 
maintaining the integrity of the composition, 
while closing in the bare white space ?

And I finally found my stick-on embellishments (flat-based pearls, rhinestones, etc). So keep an eye out for more SOUP cards  ;-P  

a doily is very good
for an instant snood!
Remember this beautiful Cherry Blossom doily by Hye-oon Lee? 

To cover the large negative space and add body, I tatted a central medallion (all rings : 7+7). 
I wanted to maintain the beauty of the lovely pink round, hence chose brown. 
On second thoughts, pink would’ve created a much better dahlia-like effect!

With a diameter of 4½”, it was the perfect candidate for a snood for MIL. 
This specially tatted one I gave her was small (at 3½”) and instead she’s been using Konior’s spinning wheel glass mat (4” in size 40).

Including the finished size of projects in my posts has helped.
And what a coincidence! The name of the doily has blossom in it ;-D Serendipitous! 
TIP : With all those rings in the outer blossoms, one can easily weave the ribbon differently and alter the size of the snood.

on an edging pattern raid
I found Jane’s leaf braid!
Remember the Blossoms corner motif
What's a hanky without an edging?! Jane McLellan's Leaf Braid was the perfect candidate. 
Worked in size 40, the rings resemble the motif leaves and is not overbearing.

 Here they are, all sewn up, on the hanky. I think the braid was 39" long and 5 to 7mm wide. 

TIP : I tat a slightly shorter length of edging than is required, and start sewing it to fabric. This gives me an exact idea of how many more repeats are required to connect to the start. It works for me - whether it is for a cushion cover, saree, or hanky.

This time I sewed down through each picot, since it is meant to be given away….
for myself, I would’ve shied away from that extra sewing! 
White sewing thread and stitch at the back is hidden within the folds of the hem. 
I actually went round twice - first tacking between rings, then zigzagging through picots..

Hope you enjoyed this post. Some of my next posts might be pictorials of multi-coloured Cluny tatting – fair warning ;-P I’ll try to intersperse them with regular tatting and patterns to keep my sanity as well as yours!


  1. Those are very special gifts! Good solution, your Josephine chain corners. Perfect. Love the hanky with flower corner. One day you must show a photo of a snood in use.

  2. Fun post- so many wonderful gifts, beautiful presentations!

  3. They are very lovely and very beautiful! The receiver will be thrilled to have your creations!

  4. Thank you Jane, Michelle, & Carollyn :-)))
    Yes, the gifts were well received and I know they will be used.
    I've had another request for showing the snood in use. Let me see if I can get a good pic without scaring you off ;-P

  5. Beautiful presents, lovely card, love the design,
    Gorgeous snood
    Your hanky is outstanding, beautiful

    1. Appreciate your sweet comment, Margaret :-)

  6. All beautiful gifts! Love the design and colour combo used :).

  7. Very, very beautiful card, snood and handkerchief!!! :)

  8. Love that you love them, Jenn, Sue & Anetta !!! Thank you :-))