Friday, 7 September 2018

change of perspective

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tatting direction can be deceptive;
we need a change of perspective !

In some earlier projects, I’ve encountered the switch in rounds – where we tat a latter round first and then attach the inner round on the go. But in the swirling butterflies tat-along, Ninetta asked us to keep the round open (blue in this case). And then we tat the inner flower round. 

I absolutely Loved how the inner round pulled in the blue one around itself! Kind of fun to watch it curve into shape…  And the design possibility – how about a broad wave?!

The blue 'row' with spiral rings is worked from right to left 
and the inner yellow round is worked clockwise.

The second spiral ring at the bottom is actually a scmr to add new thread.

Worked in Anchor size 20 threads
Yellow flower round ~ 3½ cms
Blue swirling clouds round 5½ cms


When I first tatted Jane's leaf braid, I made a mistake in the picot placement, which was noticed months/years later. Clearly it was tatted incorrectly, yet my confusion persisted. I finally got perspective when I worked the braid again for the hanky.

This is what happens :

Visually, the rings appear to be made from right to left because the teardrop shape seems to have it's 'head' facing left (& tail towards the right end). Remember the ‘ring as a fish’?

But these are split rings and the tatting works from left to right! We start the ring from left and close/end on the right. 

AHA! Yes, it seems at this advanced stage I should’ve figured it out long ago. But split rings can be tricky in terms of direction change, etc. Hey, I'm allowed to be flaky, right?!


  1. This flower is spectacular love everything about it and you could almost put a tiny picture in the middle like it's a frame. Always enjoy your tips keep them coming!

  2. These things can boggle your mind alright. Ninetta’s design is very clever.

  3. Oh I missed this tat-along. Still have to learn TDS. Ninettas pattern is too cute!!!

  4. Your Swirling Butterflies looks awesome!!! :)
    And your leaf braid looks fabulous!!! :)

  5. Love this innovation! You and Ninetta both give great details and visuals!

  6. Interesting post, love the little doily or flower.
    I like the pattern

  7. Thank you so very much for all your lovely comments :-)))

  8. Awsome flower and beautiful little leaves :)

  9. Thank you Ninetta & Anetta --- how nicely your names rhyme :-D
    Enjoy the Sunday holiday!