Friday, 27 May 2022

tatting is therapeutic

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The ‘Talking Tatting’ issue 50, February 2022 (a quarterly newsletter of Queensland Tatters, Australia), brought us a new tatter/member who has enthused the FB group with her work in this short period.

Meet Antonia Lai. She started out with doily #28 which was published in the newsletter. It is worked in Lizbeth size 20. (

Within a week she was “addicted to the Endrucks 1920 Project”!

Her enthusiasm and tatting beauty took flight with this Happy Hands Heart and Butterfly – both patterns are adaptations of pattern #1 and had been shared in our FB group.

She incorporated a body for the butterfly using a chain folded and joined back on itself, as visible in the close-up!

She recently revealed her love of elephants and this painting/print acts as the perfect backdrop for her impeccably tatted doily #40! In Milford size 40, it measures 11 cms.

Meanwhile, she also volunteered to test tat pattern #22 and sent me her notes and feedback.

She sportingly incorporated a suggestion to see whether bilateral symmetry would make a difference to the slight tilt that was inherent in this lace. The difference is clearly visible between the 2 repeats if you compare the block tatting at the top. The right pair are mirror images, unlike the left pair. She used what we call Block Below Tatting or BBT (
More pics and details will be shared when I update the old Eleonore’s Angels pattern #22 pdf.

The May 2022 issue n.51 of ‘Talking Tatting’ carried a bookmark/bracelet adaption of pattern #32 by Judith Connors. This, too was quickly tatted up by Antonia.
She made a slight mistake and decided to carry it through as a Butterfly Trim.
And there’s a heart in there, too! If we remove the 2 bottom rings on either side, we get a heart shape, which can be tweaked further.
The butterfly trim looks good on the neckline!

And her direct contribution to date has been in designing a beautiful corner for the #1 Happy Hands edging!

The edging can be sewn along the outside or inside of the fabric edge without losing its shape or beauty as seen in the 2 pics above. She also modified the edging slightly, making it easier to repeat motifs yet keeping fidelity of pattern.
She not only sent me her hand-drawn diagram, but also meticulously wrote down the pattern.

Happy Hands edging with Corner (adaptation Endrucks' #1) pattern pdf -

Lea Di Palma followed Endrucks’ original style, using the picoted side to sew on the edging as seen in this in-progress pic below. Incidentally, she is working it with a ball and shuttle instead of 2 shuttles! Check out more of her tatting in her FB timeline.

Here is what Antonia Lai says about her tatting hobby and our Project -

I started tatting about 16 years ago. Tatting is therapeutic. Always find time for tatting; it makes me feel content. Endrucks projects is addictive. Since February 2022, I have done patterns # 1, 22, 28, 32, 40. People involved in Endrucks are into sharing and community spirits. I am looking forward to doing more.

Antonia has proved Frau Endrucks right when the designer-author wrote - 

"It is a great fortune to create something beautiful with simple means, I hope that my book will give you the key to this happiness.

Ninetta and I take great pleasure in thanking Antonia and Lea for their work and contribution to the Endrucks 1920 Project. Their experience, especially Antonia’s, shows that there is still a lot to explore and extract, derive and apply… if one has the desire.

NOTE: All patterns mentioned above are free and can be found in the EP doc (scroll down to the respective pattern number and click on pdf link) -

With love and gratitude,

muskaan & Ninetta


Endrucks 1920 Project is a community project, where patterns from Endrucks’ German book of 1920 were converted to modern-style presentations and pdfs. We welcome you to join our Facebook group “Endrucks 1920 Project” (please read the group’s description and rules before joining : where the fun continues with derivative tatting, new variations, activities, etc. all within the gamut of Endrucks’ patterns.

Using the hashtag 
#Endrucks1920Project when posting in FB or Instagram, ensures that your pic will show up in a search.

If you enjoy sharing and experimenting, or even test-tatting, the group is waiting for you! All info and links to patterns (original and modern), including model images, are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here There is still a lot to explore and extract, derive and apply and scrolling through this document will give you an idea of the possibilities and beyond.



  1. W O W !!! Awesome tatting

    1. Happy to have her in our corner, Lelia 馃榾馃挏

  2. ‘Talking Tatting’ ? I've not heard of this publication. Is it on-line? print?

    1. Not sure, perhaps both, given present conditions, Carol.

    2. Lelia, there is an Australian tatters FB group and a continuing thread on Queensland Tatters in Craftree.

    3. thanks. I was unable to find a link to Talking Tatting. Sounds like a GREAT publication ; )

    4. Carol, I asked Antonia. It is a physical copy and you need to subscribe annually. Overseas shipping charges are different. Contact Judith Connors for details and the subscription form. 馃槏

  3. Wow!!! Lots of fabulous projects!!! :)
    ~Sue(Tatting Lace in Grace)

    1. And she promises to tat more, Sue 馃榾馃挏

  4. How wonderful to have such talented and enthusiastic members in the group!

    1. Absolute, Jane 馃槏馃挏 It is the reason this Project is still creating content

  5. Wow, beautiful tatting! And Antonia's enthusiasm is really enviable. :)